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J.A. Gagnon and Jessey.jpg
[1]Joseph A. Gagnon and his wife Jessey Bilodeau 1931. She was about to pass 
   away someone suggested a photo= we forget ourselves. I remember her, she  
   always had a box of chocolate on her lap and him, always having in his pocket 
   Dodd's pills for his continuous backache; of course, beside his barbership. 
   Mom said, she ate chocolate all her life. Please compare your top-right 
   background J.A.'s trademark curtain of J.A.Gagnon with [78]. And see the 
   light of the 'sun' lightening them on one(1) side of their faces, 
   respectively. J.A = one and mine had four trademarked curtains: 1' white, 
   dark grey, another one, I saw in the corner, but...never seen the design and 
   the one at your top right.  Photo J.A. Gagnon 1931.

Luizella Gagnon
[2]Luizella AKA Louisette =J.A.'s daughter and her faithful customers, the 
   the trick :she had was this:The size of the white paper=positive: all 
   photographic companies were not making a paper the size to fit in a wallet;
   so she cut the positive=the photograph to fit in wallets. You see a teenager 
   on the street=our faithful customer. I followed her way with a registered  
   Kennebec Teen Club[:Registered in English for the teenagers.
   In 1975, a Dime Store, across the street, got a machine making 4 different 
   for 25c; while ours were 1.99 for 6 of the same picture: we lost 90 %.
   But,at that time, photography was nothing but a sideline=Doctor my main 
   line. By the way,the owner of that 5-10 Cents Store was one of my patients: 
   I did not tell him what his new product....I remember her mostly: Each
   evening, leaving to go to Miss:Mary and Candide Gagne and Miss. or MRs. 
   Cora[=78] oftentimes there, meeting Judge Paul Baillargeon and Dr.Victor
   Cloutier, relatives of Mary, etc. Of Miss. Luizella: Photo J.A.Gagnon 1951.

my mom Cecile
[3]Mrs. Cecilia AKA Cecile Roy, my Mom, =J.A.Gagnon's daughter. At the end, 
   using photography to kill time. In 1975, most photos were colors; so, to 
   Quebec, 3 days later,ready. No big deal. My mother? I remember her this 
   way:Not even the fire would have kept her from watching her favorite singer 
   Perry on TV Perry Como Show.  Photo J.A.Gagnon 1951.

[4]An original photo: Marthe and Luisa Bilodeau = J.A.'s nieces. Their parents 
   died when they were 1-3 years old. J.A. Gagnon adopted them. Mom said they 
   were sisters.Period. Photo J.A.Gagnon about 1918.

[5]Nun Marthe[4] of Bon Pasteur(=Good Shepherd),practicing in Quebec City and 
   died there,around 1940s=Catholic. Photo J.A. Gagnon 1928.

[6]Nun Luisa [4]of Bon Pasteur (=Good Shepherd), practicing in St.George and d
ied here,(I think) =Catholic. They both kept their birth names=really 
especial,right!Photo J.A.Gagnon 1928.

[7]Gerard, my father, my brother Yvon and Yvette, my father's cousin once removed. 
   My mother, holding me. By a happy chance, they were glad to see a filling 
   station: This Filling Station [Gas Station?I know not] was owned by  
   Mr. Arthur Grenier of Coca-Cola where my father worked before going to the 
   National Breweries (=Beer).It was at 20th St.-2nd Avenue (Now  120th-2nd).    
   In those days, you saw the Gas through the glass tank at the top of it=1 side 
   was yellow - the other red. At your left, the building was intended for 
   celebrations: I saw Antoni, the magician, performing in there in 1933. The 
   others, I know not.  Photo J.A. Gagnon 1929.

Pretend Wedding
[8]A Make Believe Wedding.  The 'Married' couple were 7 y.o..They are: (From 
your left to right) Raymond Methot, Laureat Methot, (with hat on) Denise Moisan, 
Jean Luc Bureau, (behind) Annette Methot, Groom: Henry  Roy, Bride Noella 
Methot, (Between the 'married' couple) Louis Georges Methot, (headdress) Raymond 
Cliche, (behind) Cecilia Gagnon Roy,L. Yvon Roy, Jean marc Methot, Rene Moisan. 
Note:The General Store at your left closed down to make room for Mom and 
Dad=me, my 2 brothers. At your right, J.A.Studio of photography. Mom said,"We 
were too young for a honeymoon": whatever it meant. Photo J.A.Gagnon 1934.

[9]A Genuine Wedding. In 1920-30s it was not uncommon to get married 
catholicically(wise) without a priest officiating: anyone could do it. (It is 
through suggestions by....people in the long run ='it  was the way').Do you 
know,ring for girls=just before WW1?;boys,WW2?. I know not them. Photo before 
1931 because the stairs were narrowed in 1931.(See stairs in [8]). At your left 
General Store, at your right Photographic  Studio & Barber Shop. 
Photo J.A.Gagnon before 1931.

[10]Yvette, my dad 's cousin once removed. Behind Yvette's head, the hen house. 
    Like Mom, we both had our sis=for she was with us everyday. Gagnon's 
    automobile at the right.  Photo J.A. Gagnon 1929.

baby photo taken by my mother, circa early 1970s
[11]Innominate Baby.Seven(7)-months old. The most artistically adorable 
    photograph Cecilia ever made. I cannot let this one passed. Many customers 
    requested to have their babies photographed...Photo J.A. Gagnon 1965.

[12]++++ The first(=1) chapel (=1st church for some people)=1831.
     Parson's_home_for Monsignor or Pastor Fortier:1831.Catholic. Photo 
     Poulin=J.A.Gagnon 1851.
     What might have happened had Mr. J.A. Gagnon written his story before the 
     night he passed 
     away. Of course I wrote my thoughts in which 'modernism and classicism' are 
     fused.  Photo Poulin-J.A. Gagnon 1851.

[13]First(1) church(=2nd church for some people):1862.Its site was St. 
    George West where the 1831.... + 1902 Churches are in 1978.First(1)
    bridge?[Chapel & bridge's history in Kennebec's later] I remember it 
    was before the church:1831:In prevision of the first chapel.
    At your right:Was it not the first(1)convent-school:1851,
    divided for girls & boys or a private house?!= When you look at [20]
    did the sunset not shine on the 'Kennebec'& 'Abnaki' Aborigines' 
    tentlike spires of their 'homes' in 1831!?=Was not the church built
    to evangalize? .Annexed to the church,the Parson's house=It was a 
    new house or a restored house:1862.Here,Monsignor Fortier.I remember
    one Fortier,he was very old.He came in our class quite a few times.I
    was in grades 1-2-3.... Catholic.Pastor Fortier of 1831,first; Pastor Gaudin was the 2nd one.
    Pastor Dionne [70]of 1902 church....taking over??Photo Poulin=J.A .Gagnon 1863.

[14]Second(2) bridge & its office:1881.At your top right corner,back of the 1862 
church,Catholic;Parson's house:1862. Photo Poulin=J.A.Gagnon 1881.

*[15]The 3rd bridge opened for pedestrians late in 1896,for horse-and-
     buggy in 1897. Mill Brochu: From the 3rd generations the family Brochu
     were gathered in their duplex house like:One part=the entrance & 
     office and 2nd floor=home;the rest of the 1st floor=the mill that was
     energized by a milldam from the Slate Brook (Ruisseau d'Ardoise).
     Miss.Luizella was a very good friend of Mrs. Brochu.
     At the entrance of the former 3rd bridge in 1940 = across the 1st
     Avenue from Notary Michaud,a croquet was installed for the public 
     :It was an outdoor game played by driving wooden balls
     through small wire arches by means of mallets. It lasted a few years.
     My dad bought one and after leveling the ground he installed it at 
     our former henhouse [10].We played for years.
     The 3rd bridge 1897: after the 2nd bridge of 1881 was destroyed by the 
     flood of ice in 1896 [16]. Photo J.A. Gagnon 1897.

[16]First(1) church (2nd church for some people)=1862.Convent=1851=See[13].
    Parson's house, 1862: Yeah, the breaking of the ice worked at odd jobs=
    The second(2)bridge of 1881 stripped of its skeleton in 1896.Its 
    office is still around though.Catholic.At your right =projection of
    Maguire or Bellevue hotel=house. 'Trail' of 1st bridge [13] toward West 
    side from the arrow [19], going in equivalence of Methot arrived South of 
    Methot [54]= Molson Slide. 'Trail' of 2nd bridge [15] + [16] same; but at 1/2 its
    slope West Side turns North = to your right __ as you see on [16] ___ : the second 
    bridge arrived at East side North of E. Poulin [15]. Photo J.A. Gagnon 1896.

*[17]Real 1st church (2nd for some people) = 1862. Pastor's house: 1862. 
     Convent for girls only: 1851 = see [13]. Catholic. With people = Maguire = Bellevue 
     hotel = house. Across the river on 1st Avenue, houses of Mr. : Ludger of Dionne 
     Spinning Mills and Arsene and their sister Annette [78] + [19]. People, watching 
     the breaking of the ice. Photo J.A. Gagnon 1896.
*[18]Real 2nd church (3rd for some people) = 1902. Pastor Dionne. Catholic. 3rd bridge. 
     Note: No sidewalk yet. Photo J.A. Gagnon 1913.

*[19]Real 2nd church (3rd for some people) = 1902. The Parson's house. 
     Convent for girls only: Bon Pasteur = Good Shepherd = 1851; 
     Elementary (Grades through 8th only) for boys only; Freres de Charite = 
     Brothers of Charity = 1915. Catholic. 4th bridge: 1913.Annette's [78] home: 
     Walking from school I passed the front of Annette's home every day. 
     Note: In Winter, at the arrow trail of what was left of the 1st + 2nd bridges, 
     we used to walk home from school on the river to arrive at Methot's = J.A. Gagnon.
     [The trail was still there in 1950: they kept it for firemen = Molson's slide.]
     Those of village Morency, going toward the southern part of 1st Ave, they made 
     another trail with their feet while walking home. This shortened the time. 
     Photo J.A. Gagnon 1915.

 [20]The front of the convent:See [13],so the convent has to be before 1851. 
    For girls & boys..Catholic.St. George West. Photo Poulin=J.A.Gagnon 

 [21]]The back of the convent of [20]:This selfsame convent was renovated
    in 1870s.Catholic.St. George West.Photo Poulin=J.A.gagnon 1881.

 [22]Elementary school for boys only;now,automatically the convent of 1851
    is for girls only.At your right side of the building there is a door;
    but in my days,an outdoor vestibule was annexed to keep the cold air of 40* 
    below zero from entering the building, specially when it is windy:Like the 
    front,but no windows.Note:do you know -40* fahreinheit and -40*centigrade
    (Celcius) are equivalent ?.Catholic. St.George West.  Photo J.A. Gagnon 1915.

 [23]First(1) train at St.George in nineteen hundred and seven(1907).And 
    since that very  moment this part of St. George,orally, has been 
    called 'St.George(s) Station'.With eight(8) employees. 
    [['St.George',no "s"?:Please,see:1-P.S. Nicholas Tawel.Photo J.A.
    Gagnon 1907.]].

 [24]The first (1) locomotive named' "seventeeen" (17)and its train(=2 cars)
    and eight(8) employees required for its working and a dog.:
    They are from your left to right:Mr.:Blanc Fortin,Frank Oats,Jos. 
    Broks,Bill McNaughton, R. Bolduc,M.fournier.Cyprien Gagne,J.A.
    Gendron.[AE].The company is Quebec Central( Canadian Pacific Railway Company).
I received a telegram from an Organization in New Orleans I was dealing with in 1973-74,
    meaning this:'The Telegraph Room was still in operation'.Photo J.A.Gagnon 1907.

[25]At last, the locomotive sprucing itself up, and .... athirst for 
     Experience. The locomotive did not expect one day to deal
    with those 'cowboys' with live bullets though;as mom told us:"We know a 
    tenant only when he leave.". Photo J.A. Gagnon 1907.

[26]The name of Kennebec river changed into river du-Loup and changed again into
    Liniere river + Gendreau's bridge in St.George's district Jersey 
    Mills. Photo J.A. Gagnon 1897.

[27]Another view of [26]and showing the river=Exactly where the Kennebec Tribe 
    were residing. Photo J.A.Gagnon 1897.

[28]A sawmill at Stafford Brook which comes into the river above St.
    George=Jersey Mills District on the way to St.Martin:includes hydro plant.
    Photo J.A.Gagnon 1899-1900.

[29]In 1896, Mr. J.A. Gagnon saved his chair. How about his house now in the street?
Note:Mr.Buissieres,Seigneur of this side of the river built the First(1) Avenue so close 
to the water….is the reason  of the freshets;yes,that is happening with the Mississipi:
I witnessed it myself,5 years.Why Red River,Manitoba,not be the same?
  Photo  J.A. Gagnon 1896.

[30]Victorien AKA Baby(all his life)Gagnon (J.A.'s baby) in Jessey's arms(his 
mom). To himself,did Baby V.say:"An untidy garbage heap is an eyesore?" Photo 
J.A.Gagnon 1896. 

[31]The breaking of the ice in 1896 was no joke=the worst in St. George's 
history.Four(4)different views.Your top-right=[30]. :Photo J.A.Gagnon 1896.

[32]These twin photos go with[31]=Photo J.A.Gagnon 1896.

 [33]This one sidewalk cleared off at the front of J.A,'s=1928.Photo J.A.gagnon 1928.

34]The breaking of the ice piled up like dishes almost to the gable.
    It went almost to the lower roof and lowered as water receded to 
    rest.First Lady is Cicilia and the 3rd one is Luizella:both J.A.'s
    lovely daughters. The house=Mr. Delias Methot.Photo J.A.Gagnon 1928.

 [35]From your right the ruisseau Ardoise [Slate brook] to the  entrance of the 
4th bridge :Rodrigue Garage Dodge, Lorenzo's dad  Restaurant - cafe, Pepin, 
Barber[=43]. Crossing the entrance of the 3rd  bridge:Mr. E. Poulin-Mr.Lacroix 
of [40]+[41], not as much at the foot-entrance of the bridge and river-side 
houses.... give some protection..Photo J.A.Gagnon 1928.

36 (deleted to save space) 
[36]I do not recognize this one.It is not Mr.Delias Methot,the 
    saddler-maker for a change.Note.It has to be in the neighborhood, if not 
    another year.Beauceville? Photo J.A. Gagnon 1928????.

 [37) 3rd bridge in center Delias'.Your right Dr. Beaudin. Your left to 
right=Cecilia + Luizella.Photo J.A.Gagnon 1914.

[38]Looking North on 1st Avenue. At your right.The mother of Mr.Michel 
    Ange Poulin, the electrician. Across the street in the future: Farmer 
    5-10 Cents Store in 1951:2 houses north of J.A.'s.Photo J.A.Gagnon 
[39]3rd bridge. Delias Methot. At your right top,through branches: Roof of J.A.'s house.Photo 
    J.A.Gagnon 1914.

[40]Flood:only water; Mr.Ephrem Poulin's white house in center. [Mr. Edouard Lacrois's 
    brother lived at the side of the entrance of the 2nd bridge. He had a family of 8-10 
    adopted baby girls.] I spoke to Mr.Poulin when I was very young. His legs were very
    small and crooked. He was walking with his hands in his house, on sidewalk. He had 2 
    daughters and 2 sons biologically.   Photo  J.A. Gagnon 1890.

 [41]Another view of [40]; but, six(6) years later. 1st Ave. Downtown,looking North.
    We start at your right near(=30 ft.from )the rouisseau Ardoise
    (unseen)and going toward Mr.Ephrem, next to the future 3rd bridge.
    Note:Beginning at Mr.Ephrem and going away from you=J.A.Gagnon's
    river-side house;unseen of course, but my point is this: Across the
    said-river-side house I see in the grey sky,under the side of the
    leaves of the tree something that looks horizontally the top of a
    scaffold. Remember in the very heart of the history it is written
    'The rapid workers made the 3rd floor ready for September 21,1898':
    and here we are in 1896! Now,question is: The hydro poles have always been on
    the side of the river.  Remember from Mr.Ephrem only four(4) houses follow 
    after.Is it not a good guess worth thinking? St.George Downtown.
    Photo J.A.Gagnon 1896.
[42]It appears at bottom your right:Ruisseau Ardoise[slate brook].The house at 
    the center is on 1st Avenue.So at the cellar it was the 'christening'.
    Photo J.A. Gagnon.1917.

 [43]The Photographer J.A.gagnon was on 1st Avenue at the foot-entrance
    of the 4th bridge, looking North:The second(2nd)house at your left__
    after the sign '15 et plus'__is Pepin,the barber,the father of 
    Clermont.the great musician of great music a la Beethoven.We were
    good friends before he left us. We were in the same classroom. At
    your right, Royal Bank of Canada= 5 houses northwardly=away from the 
    photographer is ruisseau Ardoise[Slate brook]. All things considered
    =correct answer 1917. Photo J.A.Gagnon 1917.
[44]Whatever it is= water.Taken at about 700 ft north from the 4th   
    bridge, looking North:(I remember the Mr.Gonthier's sign I was 7-10 
    y.o.I think it was around the ruisseau Ardoise.)Photo J.A.Gagnon 1917.
45 (deleted to save space)
[45]I cannot figure the scene out here. St.Georges?. To me it looks like
    Beauceville or St.Marie. Photo J.A.Gagnon??? 1917???.
[46]Present are:Luisa Bilodeau, Luizella, Marthe Bilodeau, Cecilia. Both
    Bilodeau are J.A,'s nieces[4]+[5]+[6].2 men?, know not. Photo J.A.
    Gagnon 1917.
[47]This scene:conflagration is around Murtha Hotel[AO]=the equivalent of 
   114-15 Streets on 1st Avenue.Again starring Cecilia of center.
   Photo J.A.Gagnon 1915.
[48]Now you see the same but this time....behind Cecilia of [47].At  some places, 
    touching the 2nd Avenue. 4th bridge. 2nd church.Ludger Dionne's & Arsene's 
    Houses of Dionne Spinning Mills and Annette's[78]. In back of it, the convent. 
    Over 40-50 houses burned out.Photo J.A.Gagnon 1915.
[49]]The general view of St.George in 1881.Church 1862.Bridge 1881.
    The big arrow at your top left of the big Isle is Pozer Island (You see only 
    the side of it)The Pozer River (unseen)meets the Chaudiere a bit farther North. 
    Photo taken in the middle of Summer. The level of water is higher because it had 
    rained. Photo Poulin=J.A.Gagnon 1881.

[50]Another general view of [49];but,eight(8) years later.=same;but
     the pulp log drive made itself shown. The big isle is Ile Veilleux.
     The Isle near you is Ile Gilbert.Its name came from Mr.gilbert,
     the owner of his sawmill nearby:this isle, in my grandmother's days,
     was a Peninsula. In my mother's days,an isle.
       From Mr. Poulin to Mom to me:Long ago,this island
     (Gilbert)was part of the mainland: later,in 1875 someone__I did not
     seize the name__took some earth to level his house,creating a lagoon,
     water, coming from the north of the river;thus,a peninsula was created.
     The way the water is coming from the South,the water has tendency to    
     come toward our side and cut the peninsula.With the breaking of the ice,
     a channel was created, while trees were uprooted.
     Soon after the level of the water becomes normal,bushes grow(=3-5 feet and 
     looking like a small wood=very small tree-like),covering the entire island,
     and last till the first snow.
     (Mom is always speaking here:)When I was young,your father as my
     boyfriend ,rented a rowboat and we rowed to the island.It was romantic,
     walking hand in hand through the bushes.We had our good days[3].
     As far as the ice is concerned Veilleux Island was born the same way:
     on West side;Gilbert,on East side.Each Summer, Mr. Veilleux 
     gathered his crop(s).He said it was wheat.I often saw some picnicking on
     Veilleux[[Pron'd:vay-yu]]Island. How those romantic islands flied out?
     =With their earth the City Hall built a promenade between 1rst Avenue 
     and the river for you to promenade. I remember when I was 7-8-years old,
     a few bushes on the island.The northern tip,reaching as far as the front of
     the Old Post Office=almost J.A.Gagnon's.Because of the drive,and the blocks
     of ice have melted ,this photo was taken soon before the end of the drive.
     =Sometime in April.Photo J.A.Gagnon 1889.

[51]St. George East.The arrow shows you the future seminary. J.A, Gagnon's
    house on contruction;but the top was completed in 1898!and the family,
    including Baby V., moved in in February 1900!. Remember his river-
    side house was no longer habitable.See [29]=[30]Farther South=Dr. 
    Victor Cloutier's dad, a well. Photo J.A.Gagnon 1899-1900.
[52]The first(1) Town Hall of St. George,Beauce.It was in this building
    the Chief of Police Pozer.... was one of the 3 signatories for my 
    visa for be accepted in the American High School and
    College.It was located at the corner of 2nd Avenue-now 121st Street,
    East side.At the arrow= Ruisseau Ardoise. In the background at your 
    left=National hotel.Coming toward us=Continental hotel & Shoe Shop.
    Cafe Royal at now 120th St.-2nd Ave.
    NOTE:At your left, Joseph Gagne first(1) Mayor(1907) of St.George,Beauce,QC.father
    of Mr. Adalbert the father of Hercule (1953), pianist of CHLT-TV - 7 Sherbrooke, and 
    Jean Luc: Gagne's store, facing the 5th bridge of 1950's. 
    Photo J.A.Gagnon 1933.

[53]Even if the [53] and [54] pictures are glued together the distance 
    between 1st and 2nd Aves are the same: look at trees & Poulin's.
    Judge Baillargeon is on now 123rd St.=picture South side.Note:Mary 
    [54b] and Candide Gagne=oil rig=today:East Church.Photo J.A.Gagnon 1932.
[54]At your left:J.A.Gagnon,photographer;the'your' right' part' of the
    house= first Post Office of St.George.The Postmaster Mr.Jules Moisan
    was his home;while his mother lived at your left 'part' of the house.
    The kiosk you see,we had quite a few picnics in there.On the side of
    J.A.= sugar maple trees.Behind the kiosk all kind of wood trees:hard
    ones with white bark you see.Numerous plum trees,cherry trees, currants 
    at 3 colors, apple trees,hawthorn,quince,strawberry, [72]- (as kids imagine 
    where we were?) raspberry, pumkin, tomatoes, etc., going up to the 2nd 
    At your left, J.A.'s hen house. At your bottom left the Molson slide, using 
    the trail of 1st bridge=1931. They have kept this slide - slope for firemen 
    at [19]. Photo J.A.Gagnon 1932.

[55]St.George's Monument at the front of St. George West Church,and its
    kiosk.At your left the 4th bridge.It is from now equivalent 121st
    Street,going South and ending at 3 houses north of J.A.'s.;the street
    you see with a  house at top is Yvette's home[10].At your left,unseen,2nd 
    house:Mr.J.A.Gendron[24],later,manager of Shoe Shop.
    At bottom at your right:=future Morris Davis men & women's 
    Store in 1952-80 at corner of 123rd Street and 1st Avenue=3 houses 
    North of J.A.'s:the 123rd street turns to your right,Josaphat Poulin,
    once Mayor[74],then to the left:late Judge Godbout the dad of the 2nd
    organist of St.George East Parish=the way to the East church. Look Mary and 
    Candide's at the top.Photo J.A. Gagnon 1921. 

[56]St.George East in 1932.In center, The ruisseau Ardoise [Slate brook]
    A bit at your left center National hotel.At your right you see 7 
    windows in a row=Shoe Shop=120th St-2nd Avenue where the first (legal)radio
    station office(CKRB) went on the air on 1400kc or kh with a 250 watt
    in power. Photo J.A.Gagnon 1932.

[57]First(1) Avenue, westside, St. Georges West. South of the Church of 1902:
    At your left, the arrow, through branches, the part of the house of the greatest musician 
    of Jig & Reel,Mr.Poulin,(related to my dad through females)I knew:of the class of Cowboy
    Music, where Ti-Blanc Richard & Marcel Martel excelled in=Cowboy, or in 2009, would be
    the realm of 'Country Music'. Before he died of cancer
    in 1956 they had him recorded for the posterity all he knew=over fifteen 
    hundred(1500+) Jig and Reel tunes. Note, he could not read music=all by ear. In other 
    words,'Give me the tune' and he started playing it. Music was like Mr. Richard & Martel's 
    (dad of Renee with 'Un Amour Qui Ne Veut Pas Mourir', [Literally: A Love, Not Willing To
    Die.]-[from: A Never Ending Love (for you) by Canadian Shania Twain])Mr.:Poulin,Ti-Blanc
    Richard,& Martel had the sound that is officially called:'The Virginia Sound',
    note:In 'Cowboy Music',now called:'Country Music' there are two(2)appreciative 
    sounds:The Virginia Sound & The Irish Sound:the latter one as played by the Canadian
    Mr. Carignan of Nova Scotia,I think he resides.
    The different touch does the trick.Ex.:Listen to the Canadian Ballroom Dancing Big Bang
    Music Guy Lombardo's Orchestra & compare it with any other orchestra in the world:it has
    a unique sound;when you hear that Orchestra  automatically your ears tell you it is Guy
    His name: Mr....Poulin AKA 'Laminou and Leminou[pron'law-mee-nu].
    It came from 'le mignon' from Keltic=_e_ffecting agreeably[to our ear]. Even though this
    music  meant nothing to you,the way he played it made you fall in love with it.
    NOTE:While seated on an ordinary upright chair__belonging to  him__[he, each time for 
    concerts ,always carried his own upright chair]it seems impossible to raise both feet and 
    thighs together without support,Well him,while he was playing the fiddle he was raising his
    both feet and thighs alternatively(=back and forth) to tap the beat
    of the music.[I saw it myself.I talked to him about music]. Music is
    one of my hobbies:I have never seen anyone tapping this way:one foot,
    or heel only or tip=toes only, OK!But not both legs together.(Please,try for fun
    Maple sugar.)He did that each time, all evening, without stopping unless in the Band 
    one said,"It is time for a break".
    I went to his house monthly to collect his wife for the French Newspaper
    Le Soleil. She had a small store (in the house),Mini:Newsstand,chocolate 
    bars,Dressers for teenage girls .79c each. Yep,while 'big' s tores in this small town were
    about 4-5 dollars each. The 79c dresses were not elegant=not polished.But as
    Mr.Ludger Dionne of Dionne Spinning Mills told his brother Arsene and me,
    one day, "If you do not sell, you remove your ad,right?!" Note, The dollar
    sign at that time had two(2) vertical lines crossing the 's'.
    Photo J.A.Gagnon 1905.

 [58]St. George Woolen Mills at 120th Street-equivalent 4th Avenue.At your left under the
    building was Mr.Brochu Mill,[CF)].PhotoJ.A.Gagnon 1929.

[59]National Hotel Entrance in 1919.Lower photo:At First Avenue-now 120th Street: 
    Procession on First Ave.Building in center,2nd door= Judge Paul Baillargeon 
    office; after Clovis Thibaudeau, lawyer and brother of Yvon T., owner of CKRB radio.
    =Ruisseau Ardoise. Followed by Carrignan Restaurant with his automatic piano,just put
    a nickel in and voila! it plays all by itself your favorite song on piano & Carrignan 
    Barber Shop. 
    Next a lane followed by Royal Bank of Canada followed by Chevaliers de Colomb= 
    Knights of Columbus. Catholic. Photo J.A.Gagnon 1930.

[60]L'hotel American Hotel(the registered name was in English: American, not 
    Mr. Cahill BD, owner.I remember this hotel for it was 
    across the street where the Le Regiment de la Chaudiere stationed in 
    1939-41....with the Drill Instructor.... ,training soldiers in militaty 
    exercises:1939-41.Photo J.A.Gagnon 1889.

 [61]Another view of St.George East.From the equivalent now 121st=almost 
   the 4th bridge St.. From ruisseau Ardoise[Slate brook]=120th St.-1st 
   Avenue,going North:Bank of Montreal,Nicholas Tawell,future Mayor,with
   a store for men,Benoit Mathieu,a store for women.Photo J.A.Gagnon 1922.

 [62]The Lutheran St. Peter's church,the religion of the family Pozer,the
   Founder of St.George.Established in the oral district of Domaine of St. George West.
    Mr. Kenneth was a very good friend of my dad. Photo J.A.Gagnon  1889.

[63]St.George West.Mr.Johann Georg Pfotzer(now ,according to Mr.Randall
    Pozer,Chief of Police of St. George East,in nineteen hundred and fifty
    -six:1956, said to me,"It is Pozer now").The son,Jacob,was the first
    to be named Pozer.The Founder of St.George, Beauce, Quebec,Canada:His
    Manor house=new home=his homestead.:Enjoying good health.Photo J.A.
    Gagnon 1889.

 [64]Domaine of St.George West=the neighborhood of Mr. Pozer. At your right,
    Mr. Clermont Pepin was born. Please see[43]. A great musican. Photo 
    J.A.Gagnon 1917.

[65]My first schooling in this very building: Miss. Irma Dutil was, I would say today,
    ahead of....or onward toward the kindergarten for Beaucers in St.
    George. Even though I was only four and a half(4 1/2)-years old
    I remember this controversy:
    (She was a very good friend of mom,dad and Luizella,so I was hearing 
    everything)In French,in short=a person or group was interfering even 
    to the threat of jail!. "That hurts or harms our chidren"."How could 
    I hurt children?".I think they stopped Miss.Dutil for a while because
    Mom was happy I resumed the schooling.I was not!.[They say
    "1st bank=Quebec"was here:1898-99.]I remember this building housing: 
    Mr.Michel Anto, Wholesaler:now Louis Anto[AP],his son on 1st Ave., about a thousand
    foot from Famine bridge South. Mr.Evangeliste Roy,my dad's uncle,in front:In the
    back was Miss.Irma Dutil's school.Madam Evangeliste,almost every day after 
    school,was giving me bread she cooked herself to take home.
    Only half(=1/2)of this house turned out for
    the Post Office,I remember.Between  today's(=1978)Post Office, and 
    the building South of,was a trail __today,a way to enter__,leading
    to the Gold Mine....underneath the future second(2nd) Avenue.The 
    entry of the mine'is' where the first(1) theater= building stands
    today['is'=the door is still there!see 'history' at the beginning='1st 
    theatre'.] Note:That said-building South = Mr.Edouard Lacroix's
    Office where Miss.Cora  worked for[=78],with Mr.Gilbert as his Notary,
    and when he died his son Mr.Marcel succeeded:First it was on the first
    floor.When a furniture store opened the office was moved on the 2nd 
    floor=around 1950-52.Photo J.A. Gagnon 1898-99.

 [66]St.George,East,second(2)Avenue.This 2nd Avenue did one thing to my 
    grandpa  & another to me,which read:dried grandpa's well in his
    backyard=water for his two(2) cows and me?,that stopped the American
    automobiles on 'my' First us pennies.Remember in the 
    'history'at the beginning?.At your left bottom(unseen),it used to have 
    a well  owned by the Coca-Cola Co. (=[7]).Its water was used to complete 
    the process of its soft drink.The covering of the well was about 
    10 ft long x 6 ft wide x 2-3 ft high of what we saw.I saw it myself.I
    am pretty sure the photographer was standing beside it. Note, Coca-Cola 
    came  in early 1924's.It was about now 125-126th Streets.
    Photo  J.A.Gagnon 1922.

[67]Mr.Gedeon Roy's Funeral Home.With a sleigh in progress,the procession ,
    taking a dead person's body to the place where it is to be interred.
    A very close friend of my grandfather J.A. Gagnon. Mr. Roy is standing 
    at the front of the horses. Photo J.A.Gagnon 1898. 
[68]Ready to go to its hayloft = Mr.Louis Gendreau's barn. 
     Old Folks Home __=now minihospital__here.  Very good friend of grandpa. 
     Photo J. A. Gagnon 1910.
 [69]Where Mr. Gendreau's family gathers & a part of his farm.See[68].In Jersey Mills
    District Of St.George.Photo J.A.Gagnon 1905.
 [70]Ripe for mischief or ripe for knowledge?,yeah!,time will tell. There 2
    hard hats,the one at your left is Pastor Dionne; see [13]. Photo J.A.
    Gagnon 1898.

[71]Docility,the name of the game?;but for how long? 1912?=Too early for
    Luisa and Marthe Bilodeau.with Catholic Nuns of Good Shepherd(=Bon-
    Pasteur). Note in the back:At your left,the 2nd church[the 3rd for
    some if the 1931 is a churchl] and the building next to the church is
    St. George's Monument.Photo J.A. Gagnon 1912. 

[72] A choral. Unseen at your left J.A.Gagnon's; at your right the old Post 
Office. The group, facing 1st Avenue. In their back=[53]+[54]. First front,Cora 
Gagnon[78]; Cecilia[3]-[7], next in white, Luizella[2]; Mary(=English) Gagne. I 
know not the others; well,I know some at sight,not by name(s).Sorry. Photo 
J.A.Gagnon 1927.
 [73]Musicians:From your left to right: Mr.: Colomb Cliche, Alfred Grondin, Paul Eugene Roy, 
    director, brother of Paul Emile, the choirmaster of the Basilica of Quebec City (Catholic),
    Donat Hebert, Paul Henri Talbot, Victor(ien) Labbe. Photo J.A.Gagnon 1928.

[74a]From Childhood to Adulthood: A Hockey team of Knights of Columbus(=
    Chevaliers de Colomb).From your left to right: Mr.: Leo Labbe, Alphonse
    Turgeon, Albert Simoneau,Georges Deschesnes, Josaphat
    Poulin, instructor, later Mayor[55], Dr.A.D.Beaudin[37], Andre Vallee, 
    Philippe Gagnon, Paul Papillon, Gaston Gagnon(The one with the radio
    with Armand Veilleux), Alfred Grondin,(back:)Dr. Victor Cloutier, Doctor 

    Canada is the Birth of Hockey.Period. Kids at one time or another must have 
roamed, rambled a puck or ball on ice or earth:that was but a foetus;it is like 
to say,a scratchy baby's drawing is the beginning of drawing, portraiture, 
sculpture. Canada! Be proud of your favorite sport. Photo J.A.Gagnon 1931.

[75]Sugar Maple Party. Do you know in the world only the Northeastern part
    of Canada & the United States have Sugar maple trees?; do you know 
    Canada is #1?;in Canada ,Quebec is #1?;in Quebec,Beauce Region 
    is #1? Here,it is Mr.Severe Fortin's Sugar Maple 'Plantation':a small
    one?Have you ever heard this one?:A rolling snowball gathers some snow
    ;yeah, people like Mr. Fortin is one of them.Sugar Maple Shack? Behind
    the photographer, I suppose. Each Spring,I used to get from one Mister
    a can (size:4-5 inches in diameter X 5-6 inches high),each week full of
    __natural__ sugar maple gum[French:tire]. The last can gum was always 
    greenish because he said:"Now we are at the sap.Not to endanger the tree 
    we have to stop". This last Mister which I forgot his name was toward

 [76]This is a postcard taken with a small cam and given to me by someone of 
    St.Georges, East, Beauce, QC. 2001.
    For those who are unaware....when I was seven-ten(7-10)-years old, it was normal,
    natural to hear some people talking in the English language on the street of St.George.
    In St. Joseph __all__ Court cases were in the English language, only! Now part of
    J. A. Gagnon's collections, 2001.

[77][From Mr.Randall  Pozer:] Johann Georg (=Founder of St. George) Pfotzer-
    Jacob Pozer-Christian Henry Pozer-William George Pozer-George Alford Pozer-
    George Kennett Pozer-Randall Pozer[2-P.S.]=the Chief of Police of St.Georges
    [76], Beauce Valley,QC, Canada in 1956. Courtesy of a member of the family 
    Pozer: now part of J. A. Gagnon's collections, 2010.

(J.A.Gagnon,Photographer will resume

            after this part of St.Georges’ History.)

                          C O M P L E M E N T

1st Bridge 1831;2nd Bridge 1881;3rd Bridge 1897;4th Bridge 1913-4;5th Bridge 1929.
1st Bridge entrance South of Mr. Delias Methot. 2nd Bridge  entrance North of Mr.Ephrem Poulin.
3rd Bridge entrance South of Mr. Ephrem Poulin. 4th Bridge entrance North of Mr. Ephrem Poulin.
5th Bridge entrance North  of Mr.Ephrem Poulin.
1st Chapel, Catholic,‘Sartigan’(=future St.George[s])1797-98.  1st Church, Lutheran,George 1820.
2nd Church, Baptist, Jersey Mills Settlement  1820. 3rd Church,Reformed Baptist ,South
 George (west( 1822.  2nd Chapel,Catholic,,George(west) 1831.4th Church, Anglican,Cumberland
 Mill 1846-47. 5th Church, Catholic ,St.George Ouest 1860-61. 6th Church,Catholic,St. George
 Ouest 1898-1900. 7th Church,Catholic, St.Georges Est 1952-53.(Note:Temporary 
‘church-chapel’ in 1950,next South of J.A.Gagnon, Photographer=Chevaliers de Colomb [Knights of Columbus] ; 
later, demolished to make room for the new owner that happens to be La Caisse Populaire [=Credit Union]).

BUSINESS:,Those who made their mark.:Mr:
    AA=John Breakey Limited of Benedict Arnold lodge-inn-motel till 1945-46.
    AB=Brown Corporation,Forester Products till about the same time??? in Beauce Valley! 
    AC=Price Corporation,Forester Products till about the same time??? in Beauce Valley!
    AD,1=Edouard Lacroix:Donated Land for St.George(s)Church1949;Owner of Madawaska
       Company in the U.S.A. +Madawaska:Gaspe's=Carleton's Interests;Royal Pulp & Paper,
       New Brunswick;St.George Pulp & Paper;St.George Woolen Mill,Limited St.George,Quebec,
       1930. One day at the Quebec Legistature Mr.Lacroix said to the Premier of Quebec
       Province:Leader of the Liberal Party:"(After he insulted him)I, Edouard Lacroix,
       myself alone will take you down from the seat you are on.".Mr.Lacroix created Le
       Bloc Populaire Party,the so-called the invincible party in continuing power in
       Quebec lost its election=I think his name was Mr.Godbout;well,he lost.It appeared
       __I was young__,but the poll of votation was always in J.A.Building and I overheard
       this:"[=right pronunciation] On espere y vont arreter d'rire d' nus autres lai 
       Beaucerons "("We hope they  will stopl laughing at us,Beaucers").
       Cora Gagnon[78],Personal Confidential Secretary,Manager.
       Thomas Comrie,Business Manager of St.George Woolen Mills.Born April 20,1890:The
       one who introdused the Football in the United Kingdon(=Scotland,England)is the 
       origin of 'Coupe Comrie' which is equal to'Stanley Cup' for the Beaucers.It was greatly
       to his honor.   
 AE=Ludger Dionne,[78],Dionne Spinning Mill;Heel- Maker;St.George Shoe 
       Shop,1936=Georges Thibaudeau,Philippe Thibaudeau.
       James Adams,Manager of  Dionne Spinning, Bedford,Massachusetts,U.S.
       Mr.Underdown,Special Manager of Shoe Shop.
       J.A.Gendron,[24]Manager of Shoe Shop. 
       Mr.Gilbert,brother of Mr.Marcel,secretary of E.Lacroix became Owner.
    AF=Yvon Thibaudeau,of a legal commercial CKRB Radio-AM;Thibaudeau & Fils;Director of
       Baby Bear Shoes; Honorary of Rotary,Richelieu,Knights of Columbus.DC
       CKRB's First Announcers: Jacques Morency, later=CHLN Trois Rivieres + CKAC Montreal;
       Mr...Paquet ,later CHLN Trois Rivieres;Mr....Corriveau: CKLD Thetford Mines;Gilles Bernier;
       Jules Vernes;Benoit Johnson;Mr.Foucault,married to Paule B.,later=CKLD Thetford.
   AG=Roland Veilleux:Please see,'Baseball',[AO].
    AH=Roger Bolduc,Journalist,Editor of L'Eclaireur-Progres Newspapers(French),CKRB-AM;
       he suggested the name 'Sartigan'[CJ]for the Dam. 
    AI=L.Yvon Roy,Son of J.A.Gerard[7]+[8]who was the Organist substitute for St.George, 
       West Church for 35 years became the first Organist of ST.George,East of 
       Assumption Parish, was Managerof the 4 theatres owned by Mr.Hermandi AKA Armand
       Veilleux,as well;and his motherCecilia AKA Cecile,daughter of J.A.Gagnon,Photographer was
       Piano,Mandolin Teacher.
       Mr.L. Yvon,Owner of the Grocery Drouin & Paquet,L'Eclaireur-Progres Newspapers=both
       the largest in Beauce Valley=now Beauce-Nouvelle;L'Imprimerie St.Georges;Edition
       Audet,Inc.,and part of Edition Barbeau,Inc.
    AJ=Robert Dick Organist of St.George ,West Church.
  AK=Jean Duval,Pastor of the Assumption Parish:St.George East.His Priesthood of 25 years 
       was in Lewiston-Auburn,Maine,U.S..My Dad and he were good friends since they were
       15 years old.
    AL=Edouard Beaudouin,Pastor of Sr.George,West Parish.
    AM=Vincent Rodrigue,Beauce Publicist of L'Eclaireur-Progres Newspapers.
    AN=Gervais Poulin,Watchmaker & Jeweler;Son of Mr.Ephrem that you see the benchmark
       reference in J.A.Gagnon,Photo.
    AO=Baseball:1949 through 1952 in St.George,Beauce:
       Having defeated every team in the Province of Quebec,including Abitibi,Saguenay-
       Lac St.Jean,Gaspe's,St.George was at its finest moment in history,never to be
       repeated.Never lost a game for three(3)continuous years against all teams in the
       The Director launched a challenge to the major Leagues in Montreal__they refused__
       responding,"We do not play with small towns teams,". Had they accepted our Club
       would have given them a great deal of trouble.
       Who personally gave the Team financial support to keep on three(3)years?;no other
       than Mr.Roland Veileux[AG],who happened to be Mayor at that time.
       What was amazing was this:The pitched baseball was not swung at by the batter;
       so,filling up the bases;
       sometimes,the Pitcher(s),with his fingers,pointing at them to
       count them and right away struck  the batters out….
       If we except Sonny Murtha,the 'son' of Murtha Hotel it was an All-American Team
       from Maine,New Hampshire,Pennsylvania,Massachusetts,they are:Lynn Holden,
       Billy Brown.Art Bishop,John Meader,Clair Simonson,Lloyd Boynton Hank
       Washburn,Body Burbage.Mice Cote,Sonny Murtha,Mascot,Walt Holmes,Art Wilson.
       Fatefulness;Mr.Boynton married the pretty daughter of Dr.Victor Cloutier[74]and
                   became an employee of an American Company  Johns Manville in thetford
                   Mines to work in the office.
                   Three others joined the major Leagues in the U.S.
                   I lost track of the matchless others;but,I am sure they will rank
                   among the great players.
       Eloi Poulin, son of Mr. Ephrem that you see the be
AP=Louis Anto,Wholesaler,Son of Michel[65].
   AY=Raymonde Gilbert,Historian.
   AZ=Ephrem Poulin,Watchmaker & Jeweler:the Benchmark in J.A. Gagnon,Photo.
   BA=Gordon Pozer,Councilor,St.George,West.
   BB=Pamphile Rodrigue,Built first Official Airport in St.George:behind Arnold=Inn,Motel.
      Manager of an American Company;President of Eastern Airlines,Inc.St.George.
   BC=Jean Barbeau,First Owner of Beauce Nouvelle .Newspapers.
   BD=Old folks Home=Hospital Louis Gendreau & Margaret Cahill[60].
   BE=Mrs.Anne Dutil,President of Economic Counil.
   BF=Odina Poirier,Pastor,St.George,West Beauce,Quebec.
   BG=Kenneth Pozer,Mayor,St.George,West,Beauce;Descendant of the Founder of St.George,
   BI=Eugene Nolet,Co-Founder of La Caisse Populaire St.George de Beauce,Quebec.
   BJ=Albert Dutil,Co-Founder of La Caisse Populaire St.George de Beauce,Quebec.
   BK=Hercule Gagne,of CHLT-TV7,Pianist, brother of Jean Luc of Gagne Store.
      Cousin once removed of my Dad.
   BL=Francois Gendreau,Historian.Son or Grandson of Louis Gendeau.
   BM=Davilla Gilbert,Garagist;Councilor.
   BN=Edmond Grenier,Councilor.
   BP=Richard Busque,Ex-Mayor.
   BQ=Alain Gilbert,Councilor.
   BR=Jean Lacroix,Historian.
   BS=Borromme Bourque.
   BT=Andre Garant,Historian.
   BU=Agnes Frydecka:When she came to have a roll film developed,each time,she had a
      friendly conversation with Cecilia of J.A.Gagnon.Mom said to me"I like her she
      chats with me as if we were a family.
   BW=Arthur Godbout,Judge;Member of Quebec Legistature:Father of the 2nd Organist of 
      Assumption Parish , St.Gearge,East.
   BY=Eloi Poulin,Sportwriter for Newspapers set rules for Ballon-Panier(Roamball),which
      originated in Abitibi a few days earlier(about 1947).Son of Mr.Ephrem Poulin that you
      see the benchmark reference in J.A. Gagnon,Photo..
   BZ=Mr.:Florian Pomerleau & Camille Berberi,Co-Founder of Benedict Arnold Hotel-Motel-Inn,
      Jersey Mills.1948.
   CA=Johann Georg Pfotzer's Flour Mill,Eighteen hundred and eighteen(1818)Mill-Dam,Mill
      Wheel at your left.St.George,Beauce,Quebec,Canada.Photo Poulin-J.A.Gagnon 1830.
   CB=Anglican Church at Cumberland Mills, outlying St.George,Quebec,
      Where Mr. Taylor and his family and friends Amos and Dan Wintle married to Mary
      Claudette Drouin of Cumberland Mills,near St.George,Beauce.Originally from Londonderry,
      New Hampshire,U.S. Cemetery at your right,in the back.Poulin-J.A.Gagnon 1848.
   CCA=First Bridge of Sartigan-Station St.George,Beauce.The First Horse Racing?.
   DG=Baptist Church of 1920s,Jersey Mills.In J.A.Gagnon main story it is written 'A
      Baptist Church they turned into a (Catholic) school later'I recalled the front look. 
     Photo J.A.Gagnon 1920s.
   CE=Roger Dutil CF.Canam Manac:Steelworks,Metal Work.
   CF=Emile Brochu's home  & Wool Mill,1860s.Mrs.Georgette Dutil CE,daughter of Mr.Edouard
      Lacroix[AD] asked me to take a picture of a table set for a birthday....About to leave,
      at the door we chatted__we are good friends__ she said:"See,we are paying for that".I
      responded: "The work he is doing is the hardest one after the lumberjack's.(pause 2-3   
      seconds)If he does not  rest 5 minutes after each 10 minutes of work he will be unable
      to get up tomorrow morning." "When we have never worked we do not know what we are
      talking (smiling) about,right?".(She is millionaire herself).I cleared my dad's[AD]
      bedroom __he has his own house now__(on her way to pick something up)I think this photo 
      will be in better hands with you.It is your line,right."
       ((The worker we were talking about was digging in the street with a pick and shovel.
      Nothing automatic at that time,folks. The photograph she handed over to me was Mr.Emile
      Brochu's home and Wool Mill.))Poulin- J.A,Gagnon Photo 1897.
   CG=A priest volunteered;now a missionary to Abnaki at Sartigan-Station(future St.George)
      near Famine Riviere ,1798.A Chapel was built(year???).Torn down 1942-43,WW-2.Reason:
      Rotten foundation.I was there.
      J.Eugene Morin,General Store on Arnold-Kennebec-Kennedy Road and Corner Famine
       Mr.Kenneth Pozer.
   CH=3rd + 4th Bridges.
   CI=5th Bridge.
   CJ=Sartigan AH Damn,Jersey Mills District,St.George,Beauce.Late 1967.
   CK=Victor Rodrigue,First flight at St. George Airport,1929.
   CM=Catellier Radio Store.In 1952,Mr.:Armand Catellier,Georges Roberge[AF],Jules and his
      son Rene Moisan began to discuss a Cable-TV for St.George,Beauce.First tryout,a three
      hundred foot(300) over J.A.gagnon Building to receive WMTW8 Mt.Washington,Poland 
      Spring, Maine:Just shadowed images=still too low.At St. Nicholas upland of 120th
      Street solved the problem.Available in 1978:CFCM4,CKMI5 both of Quebec,CHLT7 
      Sherbrooke,CHLN13 Trois Rivieres,WMTW8 Mt.Washington( Antenna in New Hampshire,and
      Studio at Poland Spring,Maine;in 2009,because of High Definition the antenna was moved 
      closer to Portland.The WMTW-FM'one foot antenna has remained one(1)mile in the air on
      Mt.Washington though.WABI5 Bangor,Maine.CBV2 a repeater at South St.George,West
      retransmits CBV11 local Quebec.With the antenna on J.A.'s WCSH6 Porland,Maine,the
      reception was good but fading up and down.
      Mr.Maurice Cliche,2nd Owner of Catellier Cable-TV.
   CN=6th Bridge.
   CO=Mr.Jules Baillageon,Businessman.Brother of Paul,Judge.
   CP=Chapel of Les Soeurs du Bon-Pasteur(Sisters of Good Shepherd)1945,right after WW-2CQ=
Freres de la Charite(Brothers of Charity)School.1930s.A vestibule had been added. 
   CR=St.George East Church.Opened officially in 1955.
   CS=St.Vincent-de-Paul,2nd Avenue,St.George,East.
      CU=Gilles Poulin,John Lumber Company.
 CZ=P.Albert Veilleux,Councilor.
   DA=Andre Bolduc,Director of L'Eclaireur Progres Newspapers.
  DB=Charles A.Thibaudeau,co-founder of Baby Bear Shoes Shop,St.Georges West.
DC=Mr….Simard or Cimard co-founder of Baby Bear Shoes Shop,St.Georges West.1947-48.
++++[12]:1831 Chapel,Church? For whom? This is what happened:
By Mr. Poulin=J.A. Gagnon....and orally down to me.
There were two(2) Aboriginal Tribes. One 'living' at Kennebec= du Loup
=Liniere River: the Kennebec(kers) and the other at Famine River :the
Abnaki(s). So they built the Chapel 1831 between.
Du Loup to Famine = four(4) miles.2 miles for the Kennebeckers and 2 miles
for the Abnakis.Thus,everybody is happy.Remember 4 miles in a forest is 
quite something=no road at all.
That parish was like a fetus for a settlement = to evangelize, not to
It is like the U.S. and Canada before they were named the U.S.A. & Canada.
Note the Pastor was Fortier.After a few years in office he died. 
Of what?I do not remember.His first name was Georges,I think.
Yes,when Mr.Pozer came with his men then and only then things could be called "something progressive".
Like the U.S. and Canada when they became independent. SO, who is the Founder of St.George(s)?

The answer has to be this as I was told: The one who built up, who developed the 
way it is today=Like the U.S.A. & Canada.

Bottom line: A colony=a fetus.Subject to Mom or another country; Once out, he is 
born on its own: Like the U.S. & Canada(=Queen is  only a symbol).
Thus, Mr.Johann Georg Pfotzer=the Founder of St.George(s),Beauce,QC,Canada.
 (After these outlines of J.A.Gagnon's rooms, the photos will resume with #78.)

Old floor plans of Gagnon's house:





                                  The End of the Tunnel
[78]Miss. Cora Gagnon, Annette Dionne[17+19], Jemaine Scott, Aline Gagnon. Photo J.A. Gagnon 1907.
         I have been holding these 4 dear since my childhood;
         But I buried myself in the West.
         I have little recollection of my chidhood,
         Except the time Miss.Scott stroked my hair.

These 4 teenaged gals:they are my...friends.How could it be? They were Mom's age? 
Luizella became a very good friend of Cora. I was hearing her name at home almost 
monthly and for years.I think she became the personal-confidential secretary of 
Mr. Edouard Lacroix: because I went to Mr.Lacroix's office a few times and she was 
there,in his office! I was 5 y.o.,for Mom said to them "goin' on 5";so,it was 1932. 
They were my first friends in my life.As anyone,at one time,our eyes  'open' for 
certain things even though they had been there all along=realizing enough to have 
them stuck in our memory:A natural process of growing up.

First,the story or history of those 4 with Luizella and relatives & photos:
Miss: Mary[72] and Candide(=Dad's cousins), Luizella and Cora were buddies-
like= to me.They met at the house at the top of the hill every evening. At
7P.M. Luizella left us(90% of the time). Aline?, name I frequently heard at 
home,sounded as being Cora's sis. Annette?I was hearing the word 'Dionne'
once in a while; Note:The only family I knew and heard, bearing the name 
'Dionne'was Wenceslas, the father of Arsene, Ludger & the 3 were next to
St.George, West church & convent + school,and once in a while while passing at 
the front of Mr. Ardene's house a schoolboy friend said__I did not care at that
time__:"an old lady(=Annette) lives there[According to my schooling age it was in the 40's;
so she was around 50.'Old?';well,when we are in the teens=50 is old,right?]in the
Mr.Ludger Dionne came over to have a picture put in a frame__mom served him=a good
customer of ours__and he passed away a few days later; Miss.Annette was their sister.
When Mary and Candide Gagne sold their house to Mr.Edouard Lacroix,a close friend of
 Dad, Mr.Lacroix offered the house on 23rd Street(now 123rd)between 2nd and
 equivalent 3rd Ave.,North side....whence Mary and Candide resided the rest of their life.
Being related cousins through females: Judge Baillargeon, Dr.Victor Cloutier,
[=74]Ti-Blanc Richard, the Entertainer, Dad, Mary, Candide.They were always at
Mary's. Mom in her late years spent her evening with them. Mom[3[+[72] said
she took a picture of them:Was Mr.Ti-Blanc there?I do not know.Each time 
Ti-Blanc Richard came to town to entertain,he paid them a visit.And later,
at her turn,taking her Dad's place....when his daughter Michelle came to 
entertain__=lot of times__,paying a visit to Mary & Candide a must.A Party 
turned out when she had just became #1 in the Province of Quebec,in the
world of entertainment with the song 'Quand le Film est Triste'[=From 
Sad Movies ,(Make Me Cry=a song' by Sue Thomson].

Now let us begin as it happened:
The following happened years after the snowshoes=now we are in 1932.
For family portraits or groups,they come upstairs by the outdoor spiral
stairs, but them,they showed up by the indoor stairs=from the Barber 
shop. This way, me,seated in the center of the photo-room,they surrounded
me. They said "hail". Miss.Scott said, "What a beautiful baby you have here..
..[The one,standing by the window]".I have never forgotten her smile. 

Of course,as anything else,in time,in our mind....dies out in the distance.
I was with Mom cleansing__she was,not me__something when they appeared
with Grandpa.What was I doing on the floor? When my son showed me this
picture it was like a dejavu. I did not pay too much attention on the 
moment; but in the course....turning in my head:dug up the Big Finish
which is awaiting you.

While others were babbling like a brook, Miss. Scott said, "What a beautiful
baby you have here.(1 minute silence)Old photos,hey?" as she stroked my hair.
My Mom responded[When Mom responded, she turned her head, giving a deadening
sound]="zay-mai-gran-pair-ray".[=Beauce french dialect pronunciation] This
is what happened in my head when she said 'zay mai gran pair ray':"English
or French?",which read:
  English=:Last part of they=zay;my=mai;gran'par'nt=gran-pair-ray.
Note:Some people of St.Georges,over 80 years old,,at least,must have 
certainly heard this pronunciation=a pronunciation I learned and used all
my life in St.Georges.(Have you ever heard of 'L'Pere Gedeon'?=exactly that.)
 They were good customers of J.A.,and one day only 3 came together,to
 myself"Suppose she works"....coming separately came the rule=it is life.

[79]Mom's response meant exactly this: The two(2) persons on one photograph are
 the father and mother of her dad J.A.Gagnon; 

...while the two(2) persons on the other photograph are the father and mother of 
her mother Jessey Gagnon, nee Bilodeau. 
Photo J.A.Gagnon, date later part of 1800s-early 1900s.
By chance, I do not have to ferret their names out;for their names are: 
J.A.Gagnon's father is Michel Gagnon.J.A's mother is Felicite Deschesne. 
Jessey's father is Francois Bilodeau; Jessey's mother is Marie Crete. All were 
born in the late seventeen hundreds(1700s).

NOTE: One couple took a photo when they were young. The other,when they were 
old. [79]+[80]'s J.A. Gagnon in 1800s.  

                         THE BIG FINISH
1. Those 2 old photographs I was holding in my hands in 1932 as my toys
   when Mom responded to Miss. Scott as she stroked my hair,

2. Are the same couples you see above here when Miss.Scott stroked my hair;

3. Since the dejavu, a problem has been running in my head:

4. And this selfsame problem....that I turn into your mind is:in the two(2)
     photos,WHO IS MICHEL?

              Copyright (c) M. George Beauce 2011,2010,2009 to 1885 to 1830.
              Copyright (c) Marie Josephte Fitzbach Culturel Centre 2011 to 1830.
                      St.George, West, Beauce Valley. Qc. Canada. G5Y 4S9
                                      All Rights Reserved.

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