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Joseph Adelard Gagnon Photograph er

J.A. Gagnon Photographer, May 1901.
J.A. Gagnon May 1901
[0] This is the J. A. Gagnon building in May 1901. 
On the left, was a General Store; on the right, barber shop and photographic 
studio. Note the two barber poles. And at the left, between the mosaic window 
and the door is a signboard. The 3rd floor has windowpanes. Also note the 
annexed house and barn at the rear of this house.  The Lady and the 3 kids are 
Mrs. and her daughters, white hooded Cecilia 1 1/2y.o., Luizella 2 1/2y.o., the 
little boy is Victorien Baby 7 years old.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~This story begun December 29, 2009~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Last updated on: August 30, 2011 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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This is the history of J.A.Gagnon, Photographer & History of St. George(s), Beauce, Quebec, Canada.
                          This Story is like the 'Twin Flower,'
                          They twine J.A.Gagnon + St.George(s) into Wreaths;
                          They are inseparable!
                          Now, this is a twinship!
This poetry means Gagnon & St.George(s)’s, Beauce, Que. are one in my story, 
hereon: ([violet]=preeminent thing.) [?]=Computer cannot digest " ' "; as 
example, CAN’T; if I take the apostrophe out, the word CANT will have another 
meaning; so, in this case, what is in these brackets = please, just ignore it. 

The [true] history of the American-born Citizen Joseph Adelard Gagnon, 
photographer of St.George(s), Beauce Valley ,Quebec, Canada. 

As a successor of Joseph A. Gagnon, I am telling  the whole story of photography 
to my both  sons, his wife and their lovely daughter; as you will see 
photography has its enjoyments and pleasures.
 From New Hampshire, Mrs. Michel Gagnon, American Citizen, nee Felecite Deschesnes,  
__it appeared she lived over a hundred year__on a trip to Worcester 
[pron'd:wooster], Massachusetts, gave birth(birthed) to J.A. Gagnon March 11, 
1858. Later, he met and married Jessey Bilodeau of St.Marie- de- Beauce Valley, 
and moved to St.George-de-Beauce Valley. An agreement reached by mutual 
yielding, St.George was a compromise as far as a permanent home was concerned.

When in the hospital.... I realized how interested this man was in old 
photographs it gave me a spark of interest in the history of the trade I enjoyed 
before becoming a Doctor. [According to the law of the States of Iowa, Illinois 
and Quebec Province (the enactment in 1975) I was a Doctor]. Yes, this man made 
me realize that the value of these old photographs to collectors is greater than 
its monetary worth. I decided to launch myself out.... in identifying the 
subjects of these photos and, delving into my memory. Remember I am returning 
the clock=I am now three-four(3-4) years old: In my young days, I was playing 
with those postcards-like!; so this ought to unearth the 'ghost of their smile’ 
and to help myself to find which is which: With the best of my knowledge while 
giving my memory a jog and over the time I was playacted a play as 
if the play of those postcards-like was as necessary as work. Thus, I shall try 
not to infringe upon the rights of another; so please, do not make much ado 
about what I am doing here: Food for thought for the posterity. So let bygones 
be bygones. I am 83 so....

Because the computer is in its infancy__ well, as far as its translator ship is 
concerned__, I will try to avoid the 'apostrophe, one, do, did, street 
language'. It took me a long time to write this because I am sick. My son showed 
me how to turn the computer on/off & to type, beside that I know nothing at all. 
He photoed the photographs and inserted them between the comments I myself wrote.

 They resided on First Avenue (between the said-street and the Chaudiere River). 
In eighteen twenty’s (1820s) returning from Gaggenau, Germany, where Mr. Poulin 
heard the new product of 'fixing pictures' [=the fetus of what today we call' 
photography' in 2010.] he decided to equip himself.... things that he sold 
to....& in 1885, Mr. Joseph  A.Gagnon bought Mr  Poulin's photographic  
equipment, including Copyrighted photographs, traveling far back in the past. 
But, with a Gentleman's Agreement he will continue mostly as a hobby and indoor 
pictures, and all will revert to=J.A., one day.
[There was  Mister Perron, photographer. He was operating only indoors. Another  
Mister  Joel Poulin (Photo [65] across the street, one door North of Evangeliste 
Roy after Roy moved across the 1st Ave. from Mr. Michel Anto of[65]), much 
later, indoors only; I remember Luizella  AKA Louisette, sending her customers 
to him. Wondering, I found out, not doing outdoor photography, an arrangement 
was made.]

  In 1885, Mister J.A. Gagnon opened his studio. His room was lighted by two (2) 
In 1896, the small town still not providing the hydro light (; Was it because of 
the 1896's breaking of the ice?: that you will see later.), he decided to build 
an equivalent 4 1/2 story building right across the street. The rapid workers 
made the 3rd floor ready for September 21, 1898. So, on this day when the sun 
had set on the first floor, the selfsame sun was still radiating its sunny smile 
into that three-storied house for family portraits.And moved his huge camera up 
there if need be. The family moved in February 12, 1900 on the 2nd floor. This 
studio lighted by the sunlight only continued until 1958.
NOTE: J. A. Gagnon Building is the tallest one in St.Georges, which see: 
Cellar=1+1-2-3 floors = 4. The 4Th floor =1 1/2 high, for the ridge roof 
continues indoors to give more light from the sun.

 When I was 6-7 -years old, I used to pick up those very small light brownish 
fish: 1/4 of an inch long, 1/32 of an inch wide. They were always in groups of 
over 100s in one foot square in quiet waters of the Chaudiere river and almost 
touching the air at the surface when the time the sun was burning our skin; one 
day my Grandpa said: "Why not put them in such a way people can see them"....on 
the 3rd floor, with this clear wide-mouthed bottle fish looked bigger and he 
greeted his customers by putting the bottle__out of reach of children__in sight 
and a note reading: 'The vaporish glass is enlarging the object', meaning the 
glass and water=a lens in photography. Mr.Joseph A. Gagnon passed away 
June 5,1937.
 Miss.Luizella AKA Louisette, his daughter, took over until her death July 3, 
1956, still using the sunlight only.
 In 1951, being Luizella’s nephew, she helped me in establishing my own studio, 
in a small house annexed to the back of the big house, using hydro light; except 
for family portraits on the 3rd floor. Miss.Luizella and I continued under the 
name of J.A.Gagnon, L. Gagnon and Studio Gagnon, according to the occasion. I 
left for Chicago, Illinois:

          My mother, Cecilia AKA Cecile, her sister, under my licence, took over 
until 1978. Thus, any photograph taken in St. George, whether in studio,in 
people's home or outdoors, before June 5,the year nineteen hundred and 
thirty-seven (1937) are under the name of J. A. Gagnon.
That is why the big incognito nineteen hundred and ninety-nine's (1939) breaking 
up of the ice is pictureless, why?:  Luizella was not feeling to take out the 
huge portrait camera= HUGE CAMERA PORTRAIT: 2 1/2 ft wide x 3 ft long x 3 ft 
high with a quapod [: 4 legs]= 6 ft high so = 9 feet high of a camera. Besides, 
it was on the 3rd floor: Its lens is six(6)inches diameter(=width): This lens 
was still used in 1978!
[7 ft of green ice blocks on the First Ave., water at 3 steps of our main 
floor](From 1st floor to the sidewalk=11 steps).Note:'Green Ice' is made of 
frozen water only=almost metal!
 Yes, no photograph of nineteen hundred and thirty-nine (1939) could have been 
driven off in different directions;for,no one but Luizella that had that 
advantage,being the only one remaining on the impassable 1st Avenue. When the 
flood waters subsided it was safe to walk upon the blocks of ice:on those being 
on level ground(5-7ft high).I saw that ice covering as far as the 4th 
bridge=Mr.Ephrem Poulin and toward the South,3/4 mile the farthest I could 
see.Most of the front stairs loosened if not detached.From Mr. Delias Methot & 
J.A. all houses at that time were on the East side of 1st Avenue.Blocks of ice 
were from their doors to the  West side of the river where the flow of water 
made its channel the day before=Mr.Moisan’s front yard[=54]+[72].Like me she 
knew not that our achievement of that propitious moment would have been 
appreciated by the posterity.
Please, keep in mind:'Businesses' always ignore the 1939's floodice=floodwater 
when they arranged, mentioned the events in chronological order or 
not,why?:because negativism ain't in their vocabulary. 

BUT lately, one brought me a clip to my attention, an offshoot of what I had 
been trying to tell everyone for years, written by someone else stating in 
writing from a reputed reporter of a Newspaper of Montreal dated , 1986, which 
see below:
1986: The writer mentioned "St. Georges flooding is worst in 47 years"; so, 
1986-47=1939! LINE 9 in a newspaper of Montreal.
We see a sign written '50'in it. It reminds me what I saw, one day, in Maryland: 
I read a road sign written, with a sentence over the other,of course: 
         ' MAXIMUM
           OCEAN '            
They do not mention the name of the town; so, imagine a 1959.
 Yes, this nameless flood was the third (3) hardest one to swallow; the 2nd 
one,in 1928: Pile(s) of ice like dishes,almost reaching the gable roof of the 
second (2) floor of the former Mr. J.A. Gagnon's river-side house. At that time 
picks and shovels were used to remove that ice and wagons with horses!; the 
hardest one was in 1896:you will see Mr.Gagnon holding his chair on the porch of 
another river-side house, having its own house now reposing on the First Avenue.
(Photos at the end that includes the second (2)=1881's bridge that had lost its 
proud moment). It destroyed Gilbert'S sawmill at the boundary of St.George and 
the village Morency: now a District of St.Georges.
 The establishment in 1952 of the first (1) legal radio station in St.George 
CKRB =Kennebec Radio Beauce. [Mr. Yvon Thibaudeau, one of the owners told me we 
will say only Radio Beauce]. The photograph was taken by me: The photographs 
hung in the office of CKRB. I took the photo of the opening of CKRB under the 
name J.A.Gagnon or Studio Gagnon. Yvon T. and I, one day,[in French] discussed 
to rent the repeater of CBVT of Quebec City in St. Georges: to rent 1 hour  or 
so. If things go well (Interrupting). "We have been lucky with CKRB.Fear and 
another worry will age me." Yep!, that ailment upset the apple cart all right.
  The photo of the four (4)-bells photograph of St.George East Church on the 
"same" photographic  paper was taken by me, as well. So whether they were 
licensed either: 
J.A.Gagnon, L. Gagnon, Studio Gagnon, the name was always written, usually 
engraved J.A.GAGNON PHOTOGRAPHE. Since eighteen hundred and ninety-eight (1898) 
written on the door of the entrance of the photographic store, at one foot from 
the sill was: a sepia color sign within a surrounded frame of glass: J.A. GAGNON 
PHOTOGRAPHE, and under the gable roof, top windowpanes(=30 windows) a  sign 
written in English 'EST.1898'.

 This building housed from 1898, a General Store, a Barber Parlor until 1937, a 
Photographic Studio and a Chiropractic Clinic until 1978, and my dad, mom, my 
wife were controlling the Circulation 'the French' Newspaper Le Soleil for 
twenty-five(25) years with 39 paper boys-girls, serving  the whole  St.Georges. 
Since 1898,whatever party affiliation, all Federal and Provincial Elections, 
Polling Stations (booths) were set up in this building until 1978: the year I 
closed down all businesses.The sole reason?:My wife and I agreed to give our 
both sons snow less winters :Vancouver with its mountain scenery 'carried off the palm.',

The only competitors J,A.Gagnon had before 1937,when he passed away, were:the 
closest photographers were J.E. Livernois,Quebec City (1854-1974); Sherbrooke 
Gazette, Sherbrooke (1837); Canadian Johns Manville's photographer, Thetford 
Mines (1915)-Where Mr.Lloyd Boynton worked[AO].

 The only address of J.A.Gagnon, photographer since 1898 up to 1978: 461 First 
Avenue until the City Hall in 1974-76??? Renumbered it 12357 First Avenue. The 
sole Founder of Studio Gagnon or J.A.Gagnon Photographe(r) was Joseph Adelard 
Gagnon, eighteen hundred and eighty-five until nineteen hundred and thirty seven 
(1885-1937); the sole heirs, Luizella AKA Louisette, his daughter, 1937-1956 & 
me, her nephew 1951-1956, followed by Cecilia AKA Cecile, my mother[Luizella's 
sis] 1956-1978. Do not confuse the above names with another,please. Keep in mind 
the sole address.
 Some were appearing in bunch, we knew they were pilfering rolls of film, but 
they had them developed here; others,old pictures. It was Luizella's at the 
time:It was not my business.
Among others, lost J.A.Gagnon's photos following are always the first taken. 
Ex.: you will see 3 at St.George Station__even though taken by J.A.__they are 
not the first taken by J.A.; the first Mr. Gagnon took: under the gable of the 
railway station [=house]it is clearly written one by one (1x1) foot,each 
letter,and the camera almost facing the entrance 'completely';'ST.GEORGE 
STATION',with eight (8) engineers  on the photo.[Remember,my toys!].

NOTE: Even though we recovered some photos as we constructed this 
mood to rearrange the order here=so fed up, you know.Sorry. The establishment of 
the Chapel=first (1)Catholic Church for some people and the first(1)Reformed 
Baptist Church, the Lutheran Church (Pozer in Domaine): all 3 of St.George West; 
Baptist Church of St.George, East (Jersey Mills):They turned this last one into 
a small school for Jersey's youngs;the first (1) photo of the Cumberland 
Anglican Church[AR] at Cumberland Mill at the outlying districts of St. George 
East and at the outskirts of Simon Mines; four (4) old bridges:I have them[=not 
the one of today=2010]; ST.GEORGE STATION written on the building and with the 
locomotive on tracks (Quebec Central:Canadian Pacific Railway,Co.); the first 
photo of theatre by Mr.Hermandi AKA Armand Veilleux. He had 4 theaters, 2 in 
St.Georges East and west, East Angus and Victoriaville. My father worked 
temporarily from 1933, collecting tickets at the entrance in the evening. In 
daytime, working for Coca-Cola in 1924 and in 1935 moved to work for the 
National Breweries=Black Horse, Dow, Boswell, Frontenac, Champlain, etc.: Office 
was in the basement of the first theatre with the entrance (=trail in [65] 
you'll see later) from the first (1) Avenue; then, in 1937, he worked as manager 
of the 4 theaters. All Film Distributors correspondences were in the English 
language, including France-Films. [I took a photo of the Drive-in Theater, 
before the loud-speakers were installed in ‘70s???: I forget, years ago: 40-50 
years ago!]. 

From the age 6-7, I had the job to play which records for people to hear before 
the movie begins: this way I could see all movies free every evening from 1933 - 
1949 the day Mr. Veilleux sold his theatres.Mr.Veilleux bought for his Drive-in 
the land from  my wife’s uncle and sold it to someone from St.Benoit who 
inherited. St.George Shoe Shop; Shop de Talon [=heelmaker]; St.George Woolen 
Mills; the first picture of an old Sugar Maple Shack in the outlying  districts  
of St.George, West while people were licking  with a great relish their sugar 
maple gum [In French: Tire de sucre d'erable] in their respective cans; Drouin & 
Paquet Grocery's first abattoir (slaughter house); the first U.S.A. & Canada's 
Custom Houses at Armstrong,Quebec & Jackman (Moose River), Maine, including a 
Hotel that was stranding on the International Border 1/2 and 1/2 in each 
country; an elementary convent for Girls and an elementary school for Boys, both 
of St. George,West; a very old photo of: floating a great many pulp logs down 
the Chaudiere the Spring drive with mostly Lumberjacks.J.A., 
Luizella & I took photos from them ;Yep, Beauce Valley, had a reputation like a 
trademark with their square-shaped red  and white colors heavy shirts beside 
shouting, "A stand of tim-m-m-m-ber-r-r-r-r-r-r-r!!!"; Companies dealing with 
the Lumber were: Breakey Corp., Brown Corp., leading south and Price Corp. : 
many Beaucers were working in the forests of the State of Maine,:I took some of 
them myself as late as 1978!. A photo was taken of a Kennebecker Tribe at "the 
United River" as they called their Sacred place: it was where the Chaudiere 
River and the Kennebec River become only one= the name Chaudiere[26+27]. Even 
though we are at home away from home when we departed there was still a family 
living in St.Georges West: He called himself a KENNEBECKER, he was married and 2 
 In nineteen hundred and forty-one (1941), a military parade, giving people of 
St.George a performance, filled our First(1)Avenue, it was the Le Regiment de la 
Chaudiere[60]-  [Pron'd: law-ray-zee-maw-daw-law-shaw-dee-air]. At one moment, 
they stopped between GranDad's house (=J.A.G.'s)and the former J.A.Gagnon's 
river-side house, owned at that time by Mr. Delias Methot, a Saddler-maker. My 
aunt Luizella, with a small camera, having a range finder with an aperture you 
can adjust the lens with a normal film, was on a balcony, 2 houses North, on 2nd 
floor(=Michel Ange Poulin's mom's house you will see later[38]) and photographed 
them. The next morning they left home in nineteen hundred and forty-one 
(1941) nineteen hundred and forty-four(1944)June six(6)=D-Day.... Landing, 
on the beach of their ancestral home, Normandy. 
NOTE: I saw myself at two (2) different times, two (2) different English 
documentaries,  dealing only with the 'Le Regiment de la Chaudiere' on channel 
cable television  forty-four(=44)here,in Vancouver, B.C. Do not forget, in 1941, 
the financial crisis of 1929 was still hovering in people's pockets. People did 
not have the means to take photos of others. This photo is worth dollars today.

The Le Regiment de la Chaudiere in World War-2,fighting theGermans.1944,June 20 
in Bretteville or Colombelle(ville),France.The Soldier Roger Garant 
of 120th.Street of St.Georges, Beauce, Quebec, Canada is entered at the 
Bretteville Memorial Cemetery.  2 of the War Time Songs were 'I'll Walk Alone' 
by Dinah Shore & 'Till Then' with The Mills Brothers.
In 1941, St.George, with a population of about eight thousands(8,000), was 
composed of English (British),Scot,Irish,Lebanese,Syrian,French, American 
Citizen(a family across the street),an Aboriginal family, calling themselves 
Kennebeckers, and German Pozer, a descendant of the Founder of St.George . John 
Breakey's (pulp logs, drive) house-office (now Hotel Arnold, Lodge-Inn-Motel); 
Cattlemen donned in Cowboys on horses with lasso and rifle attached to their 
saddle__ I saw them myself__with cattle lining the 1st Avenue. 
Across the railroad tracks at St.George Station,turning about a five foot South, 
a saloon with booze,whiskey,wine, an automatic piano, slot machine,card players 
you name it and they had it: Paul E. Provost was its owner.I was 10-13-y.o. when 
I heard some youngsters were jumping from car to car of trains and doing cowboys 
- like stunts with rifles and shooting one another with live cartridges, _live 
bullets_. After a month's time the Town or the Quebec Central called the bugle 
and the Provincial Police showed up.

 A year later, the same song,and the Provincial Police acted accordingly. And 
people have been living in a quiet neighborhood ever since. My Grandpa or 
Luizella did not take any pictures of it;but, a visible image,suppose someone 
brought a roll of film; I saw them, but I did not realize it; George Gold Mine 
under the first (1) theatre St.Georges: In 1936-7, my dad worked there on the 
first floor=basement of 1st theater for the National Breweries,(:Beer Co.)and 
with Armand Veilleux, the owner, went into the mine through a door in the said- 
basement; suddenly, an uneasy feeling captured Armand's heart =the noise we make 
could crumble the ceiling[=of rotten wood]. They got out and shut the door. 
"Never to return", my dad told me.
 It was 1962-3-4. Seated with mom, I saw Mr.Armand Veilleux across the street. 
talking to someone,  I shouted, "Armand, will you come over, please when you 
have time?". Over, with my mother, I said,"....we just arrived from Montreal, 2 
days ago, and we saw 2 drive-in theaters on construction....why you do not open 
now?. It has been ready for 3 years already!"__Rock + Roll teenagers played 
, free,during evenings__. He answered, "I still have something to do,"....
(Interrupting:) "Could you open a few days and complete what you have to 
complete?" He: "Yes." "Because your drive-in will be the first drive-in in the 
Province of Quebec....". 

Three(3) days later = Friday,he opened;Monday through Thursday closed, and 
Friday it opened permanently. I took a photo before the [loud] speakers were all 
installed. I made a photo for himand one for my store-show window.The 
photography I told him,was just a sideline now.So I gave him the negative,as 
well. What happened with it?;well,get the right answer to  by guessing. In 
nineteen hundred and fourteen (1914),the last drawlike in Cowboy Movies took 
place in St. George, East, on First Avenue and 20th Street (now 120);a formal 
fight between two (2) men armed with firearms; but witnesses foiled their plans 
by telling them :"....there is a law now".

But the fact is: This photo showed the Last Draw taking place in the Province of 
Quebec:the said-same place, the End of World War - 2 celebration took 
place:Dancing to the American Ballroom Dancing music of the Canadian orchestra 
of 'Guy Lombardo & his Royal Canadians',Andrews Sisters with their 'Rum and 
Coca-Cola' song, Tommy Dorsey's 'Marie' sung by Vic Damone. Do you know, Guy have 
sold over 200,000,000 million records:classified officially the #1-Best Sellers 
of all times of Big Band Music?. MY brother L. Yvon...'s favorite music(well,at 
least,in those days;for,who was not dancing was not cool=the Rock'n'Roll of the 
time.)This is my reminiscence of the war.I could not let this pass.By the 
way,someone played a record by Soldier=Soldat Lebrun 'L'Adieu du Soldat' 
(Eng.'Soldier's Farewell')song]& his other best song 'Ma P'tit' Marie'(Eng.'My 
Li'l Marie'):His 2 best songs.] Soldat Lebrun__the  Presley of that time__with 
the 22nd Regiment Band[Fr.fanfare]- (they came twice in 1943 at St.George 
West).  A kiosk (between 1st Ave. and the river: facing the church) [I had never 
seen such a huge crowd before: People__old and youngs, with babies__coming as 
far as Lac Frontiere, Lac Megantic, Thetford Mines, Lyster, Jackman, Maine. 
Coming  in wagons with horses. My uncle[73] was with the 22nd, he said to us at 
home, "We know all those people did not come to hear us; but without him nobody 
would have showed up for our Band.But it is War Effort;so everybody is happy".
:He spent the nite with us. Ready to go to bed,as he lowered his pants,the clock 
said, "coo-coo".In the morning,he said to us:"My pants raised themselves 
automatically".Yes,they call that a coincidence, folks![A ‘coo-coo’ is a clock 
uttering its way every hour.]; The largest Circus in the world Barnum & Bailey 
(& Ringling Bros.), parading on First Avenue,in front of J.A.'s, elephants, 
lions,etc. (came twice;first in 1931) I remember more this one because of 
this:Passing on the first Avenue, one of them came in and with 
elephant stopped, with its snout, raising a young child in the middle air. And 
Photo taken,the elephant seated the child on its back and people applauded.I 
went to their show.... was where the Seminary is today=

Mr. Jacques, farmer had his house there you'll see on a photo.  The greatest 
magician in Canada,[7] Antoni (came twice;first time 1933-5) at the building of 
the corner of Mr.Arthur Grenier Filling Station = Coca-Cola(20th-2nd 
120-2 Ave.)__I saw him performing__; also the first photographs of Hotel 
Rheaume, Hotel Morency, Murtha Hotel, l'hotel American Hotel on First Avenue, 
and National Hotel, Continental Hotel on 2nd Avenue. Murtha Hotel?: The sheriff 
was often seated on the front porch with friends. One day a surprise! a 16- year 
old gal, pregnant = trouble. The next day, no sheriff. Eventually, they found 
the 16- year old girl and the sheriff dead in his car on an unused trail.
The St. George West Chapel(1831) and its cemetery. Note:This cemetery is now 
gone, for 1/2 is under the 1900's church and the other 1/2 is under the 
street(18th) from the fourth bridge [1913-14s]leading to Boulevard Dionne (=6th 
Avenue).The mortal remains were packed and interred....Mr.Edouard Lacroix, 
decided ....An Oil Rig for drilling an oil well,where St.Georges East church is 
today.I think it lasted  two-three years(Mr.Quirion of St.Ludger was the 
They got some greasy stuff.But in the long run....enough was enough and donated 
the land to have the Assomption Parish Church of today. I remember Mr. Edouard 
Lacroix's daughter(Georgette? I knew her well, but you know when we grow up 
together we never ask their name,you know=[15]) came over and Luizella with her 
small camera left with her; but I have never seen a picture of it; well, I never 
thought I would succeed her one day.Had Mr. Edouard Lacroix succeeded in his oil 
well,St. George would have certainly been called 'The Texas of Quebec'='Le Texas 
du Quebec'.
The house there__before the church was built__belonged to Mary and Candide 
Gagne. ST.GEORGES EAST CHURCH,1953: Not finished, but, a crane, a bulldozer, 
still facing the church and other things = mess.They decided it was time for its 
inauguration ceremony. With the help of schoolgirls, I sold ten thousand 
(10,000) postcards on the said-day(1952)-[Not postcards you see in 
stores,today.].Some of 'my' girls came to me and asked(in Fr.)"En a tu 
encore,Mr.X"."Jen ai pu"(="
D'you have anymore,Mr.X? "None left,sorry.”). The population of St. George in 
1953 was around 10,000; so, how many came from out-of-town? Next door South of 
J.A.Gagnon, The Knights of Columbus building(1950's) housed temporarily the new 
Catholic Church and the new High School for girls until they have their 
permanent address. 

As soon as the faithful emptied the hall I took a photo. Sundays,Church;Mon-
Fri.,School. Mr. J.A. Gagnon took a photograph of Buckets-like at the Chaudiere 
River [hence, its birthname] waterfall near Charny: water whirling round and 
round the lens-camera did not capture this phenomenon= the buckets. 
Y'know,photography was still in its infancy. Well, a nice try, folks! Haskell 
Library & Opera House: you enter in the United States and you check books out in 
Canada. (=Derby Line Town,Vt.- Beebe Plain,now part of Stanstead, Qc.): Cecilia 
took that photo: A long memory into her past; The first (1) School of Dancing in 
St.Georges took place at Luizella's Studio of Photography somewhere in 1942.
L. Yvon Roy, the first student with Jean Eudes Paquet , Mendoza Bourque, the 
other one, I forgot, 70 yrs ago!They were dancing with records of the Big 
Bands,the American Ballroom
Dancing music. 

 When I was very young (4-5 y.o.),I sat on the side of the wooden sidewalk with 
feet straddling the street. Mom said many times,'to sit on the stairs.Just a few 
feet away.The stairs are there.'.
One day, she found out why we were reluctant to listen to her: Seated on the 
side of the sidewalk, American automobiles stopped,...spoke to us and always 
gave us 0.01 cent. How many times? 2-3  times a week;hey!, a penny was great for 
us at that time! In those days one female chicken's egg cost o.o1cent.Who was 
with me? It had to be my brother. One day, I woke up, a cement sidewalk.
 My mother said I was too young to remember the wooden sidewalk. My Grandpa 
Gagnon took a photo of an American car with New York licence plate. When they 
opened the 2nd Avenue,no more U.S. cars. This remembered me of the Post Office 
next door South: owned by Mr. Moisan. Horses and wagons for 8 P.M. mail. My 
Grandpa took a photo of the Post Office:a normal house.
 [There were only eight(8)automobiles in town in about 1935; even the one living 
three(3) doors North brought his car at the front of the old Post 
Office=proudness, you know:to be like others] Mr. Moisan had some sugar maple 
trees [72], so imagine! 
Across the river coming toward East side the La Glissade Molson (a beer 
co.)=Molson Slide. This slide began at the top coast of St. George West and 
ended up on the top of the First Avenue East from the ascent of the 1831's 
The longest sleigh was always hitting our tree you see at your left on the house 
picture you saw a  the very beginning; so they always kept lot of snow around 
the tree. The dried snow splashed on them, blinding them. Of course, a photo was 
taken. The entire town was there every evening. And of course again,....the rain 
spoiled the sleighing.
The old Town Hall between 20th-21st Streets on 2nd Avenue (Now 120-121). Before 
I left for the States, in 1956, the name Town Hall was still written in English 
under its gable. The photo is facing the entrance. It had two (2) jails. I 
remember this: Each time they were in need to jail a third (3) troublemaker,they 
had to release one of them. A photo was taken of that building. Healers. I was 
very young (6-7 y.o.) I had warts on my left hands__7-8__ for years and no one 
could cure them. Those healers  they said were Aborigines__Indians,y'know__. 
They sold a green substance, and my Mom put some upon each lump(=warts). Put 
some again the next day and overnight all were gone. A photo was taken. One day, 
a nine - year old girl showed up at my office and said(Fr,), "Doctor,my cat fell 
from the third (3) floor and cannot walk anymore." To myself I said: "Law or no 
law." To her:" I'll make your kitten walk. In four(4) days, Your dearie should 
walk, if not, come back; in the meantime, you'll have to feed and give milk 
yourself"."That's what I've been doing.How much Dr.?"."Your kitten' is 
special,go"."Thank you".Six (6 )months later, her father showed up at my office 
for care. While explaining his trouble, he said:"D'ya remember, the cat you said 
he'd walk in 4 days?"." yes". "It happened the way you said. When we got up in 
the morning he had already waked her by jumping on her bed. We took a photo. I 
left it downstairs."[=J.A.Gagnon]. On the side of former J.A.G's, now, Delias 
Methot's house, Bohemiens, as they say in French,(=Gypsy) appeared. They spent 2 
nights on the shore, the drive of logs was on, at that time. The next morning, 
very early, my Grandpa with his camera went to them. (Suppose it was prearranged 
the day before)and took a picture of them. They stayed 2 days. Mom said, "Do not 
go near them. They're dangerous." I was 5-6 y.o. They made a fire.
 Mom said to my father," The fire lasted overnight. It was to spirit away the 
 Even though our building was not a modern one like our competitors,__one next 
door, another just across the street:see our building at the beginning 
=1898__our faithful customers were coming almost monthly from Lac Frontiere =100 
miles; Lyster=by road;70, Audet [5-10 miles from Lac Megantic]=50-60 miles, 
Jackman, Maine=50-60 miles. It means this:A modern front helps but good service, 
the best way to keep your businesses afloat. I took photos of Members of 
Parliament of Canada and of the Legislature of Quebec in Beauce, crime 
Evidences, etc.
 In 1970s, a couple (55 y. o.) from Indiana came for a roll of film; why they 
did not go next door? (On both sides of the street=modern?)They were surprised 
when I said 'W-O-W-O 1190', their radio station Ft. Wayne. They stayed a long 
time chatting. I gave their roll of film. He said, "we are not coming back this 
way"....I said, "I'd been welcomed in the States....".
When you encounter those written photographs above mentioned, to yourself, you 
say: 'J.A.Gagnon's'.

                     Beauce Valley            
    You have old things, photos....worthy of remembrance?
    Rise betimes in the morning;
    Be at your best in the historical play,
    Get in touch with the Heritage Organizations.

Note: You have very Old Photographs and you want to save them, the Beauce Valley 
poetry above-here has a sound advice; otherwise?, use the Internet. To identify 
them?: on the Internet,show them and write thus: 'Please, ID this photo'. We 
will be glad to do it and it will be free.Others will do it as well.
(J.A.Gagnon,Photographer    will continue after  
History of St.George Beauce,
                                  M. George Beauce.         
1-P.S.In 1956, Mr. Nicholas Tawel, Mayor,a Syrian-born,now a Canadian Citizen,
         and my father Gerard and I were  chatting,and at one moment, Mr.Tawel said
          to my father:"In the      official Gazette of the Quebec Government St.George 
          is written       without an 's',I intent to add an 's', do you think it is a good idea?" 
          My Father said:" "Yes, it is all French now. It's a good idea." 
          Mr. Tawel: "I was wondering what you were thinking about it." 
         So, at the end of 1956, St.George got its official 's'.

2-P.S.Born in Wilstedt, Germany and baptized Johann Georg Potzer, November 21,1752....
      Mid 18- nineties.
      In 1773,he immigrated to England(U.K.):And he married Miss.Magdalen Sneider in
      1776. And amid New Yorkers(U.S.A.), he honeymooned to his own use. With a
      gloomy      outlook on life they returned to England in 1785. In 1805 or thereabouts,they
      moved to Canada.
      In 1805,the purchase of Mr.William  Grant's bankcrupcy gave him the title of
      Seigneur.  In 1817,they settled in his seigneury he called:(The 4th) Aubert-
      Gallion (or Gaylion, Gayon);now St.George(s), Beauce, Quebec.
      He fetched 189 Germans from Germany.He built a manor house in his domain;hence,
      the Domain(e) District of St.George(s) West.Sep.13,middle.
      According to Mr.Randall ,again,his wife Magdalen told him "donate the land for
      their church only when the two(2) Tribes are treated equally.". Magdalen became
      good friend with Winona. The lack of water in the river at now Jersey Mills 
      provided easy access to the Kennebeckers,not comparable with the North...
      natural lake.She had just to jump from a rock to another.Note:We still can
      observe those rocks today,at least,in 1978 or hereabouts;knowing this story I
      was curious about those said-rocks,when I visited the drive-in theater:cine-
      At 24,he married his fraulein....who had borne seven(7) descendants.She gave
      birth at fifteen and passed away at 78,  One of their genealogies is listed
      in J.A.Gagnon's History.
      They entombed him in 'his' Domain,interred in Herman Cemetery,Syllery.
      Again,from the Chief of Police of St.George East Randall Pozer(A true story he told 
      me before I left for the States:'It came down 
      through what I call my genealogy'.In 1775,it was the Kennebeck people,meeting
      Mister Benedict Arnold and his Soldiers face to face. The Kennies,as we called 
      them when we were young,you know,saw an uproarous group upriver.Both sides were
      bewildered and it turned out the Chief did a friendly smile.Do not forget my 4th
      greatpa(((=great-great-great-great-grand-father)))was trying to guess what the 
      Chief was trying,with his hands,telling,tracing in the sand.Everyone,doing one's 
      part.One began a radiated smile and everybody smiled.It turned out a celebration.
      They had a Sugar Maple Sap Party.  This story of 1775 came from 1850s. The Leader 
      of the Kennebec was a woman.According to the pronunciation her name was Winona.
      ((1850s)).She said a word that came down from their ancestors,we are now in 1855,
      is the pronunciation of this:'YANKEE'.
      My 3rd Greatpa repeated "Yankee".With a great smile,she ‘nodded’.He said,it meant
      'American' while pointing in the direction of the upriver. He told her his dad
      was an American at one time.Well,he lived in New York City for a while.During 
      the Party,one with his mouth open,gaping,you know,with sound:My 3rd Grandpa
      ((=Greatpa)) said by singing.He ‘nodded’.So he sang Yankee Doodle Dandy a few
      words and hummed the rest. By pointing at her chest and right away pointing
      the upriver it meant to me they came from the State of Maine,their generations,
      of course.
      (Me)So,Benedict Arnold sang them 'Yankee Doodle Dandy'.(He)It was the first
      time they were hearing singing.(Me)And they remembered 'Yankee',later.(He)And
      this was later.(in 1850).They were trying to tell him why they were here.With
      the bit of english they knew with drawing in the earth.
      There was war over there,in Maine,before Arnold's days.Only four(4) left or
      escaped.And we are from them,she told him(3rd Greatpa).She said her story came
      down from generations,now to you(=Me).(Me)Suppose she was a pretty girl and that
      solved everything.(He) With a smile.(Me)A true smile.(He)Yeah,a true one,their
      smile meant well by.
      In 1850,a Kennebecker girl  wanted a wedding like she witnessed.She requested
      my 3rd Great pa (Me,interrupting:Jacob?)yes,Jacob.He yielded to her request.And 
      she got married by a Minister he fetched.(Smiling)But it was not a real 
      marriage,but for her it was real.Everyone was invited,including the Abnakis.
      Of course, Sugar Maple things like sap,syrup,gum and some left with bricks 
      and maple taffy on the snow.That was what my Dad told me.We had never seen
      so big a crowd .Oh, I was about to forget,my 3rd Greatpa had a surprise for her
      in store. He had sent someone to Boston, Massachusetts to pick up a copy of
      Yankee Doodle Dandy and they made some copies by hands__not everyone could get
      some__ but some of his men sang it.During the singing she got  up and went to
      kiss him on his cheek.Looking around he said,"Wow!,I am still wondering what
      to do next.".                                    
      I am supposed to tell this story to my children;I will try to find time when
      you are gone.
      They went up a pretty good size river,then they arrived at a large lake.They
      continued westwardly along a smaller lake.The other one had a fall,followed
      by a large one. I begin to forget.Well,a small stream and the little boy said,
      "I am curious,I am going to the top."The top must have been our__future__
      Border,you know.When he returned,"I arrived at a smaller lake and full of
      red-orange fish+."But they waited a while.So cold,wind,they decided to continue
      __returning was not on their agenda__ and descended the river or brook
      from Portage that falls into Kennebec-DuLoup-Liniere.I give the 3 names they    
      change so often,to the Chaudiere.Smiling lightly he said,"Have they changed
       the name." I responded,"I have not heard anything yet.".Pozer,"I do not know 
      why they do not stick to history.You know our school was called a College which
      ended in the seventh(7) Grade.Now they changed Alleghany into Appalaches."I was
      not to discuss those political things;so I said,"The last time I read,DuLoup was
      Liniere.The river or brook from Portage joins DuLoup at about right between Jackman
      and St.Georges.I guess you are right they have a liking for changes." Pozer,"And they
      talk about Historical." (Me)I took over with this for I was very interrested about
      that story,"Thus,Benedict Arnold and his Soldiers naturally while their voice 
      trailed off into silence walked on unawarely in the same track."He:They 
      classified him as a 'traitor'.Me:I studied his case because he returned to his 
      Chief,to myself I said,'and Washington rewarded him with around 1,000 men?'.
      My conclusion 'He was a modern CIA.'.He:Sometimes the best story is the
      unwritten one.Me:There are beautiful stories sometimes traveling by words of
      mouth.He:Like the Kennebeck's.Me:A pretty good example.He: From that war in the
      State of Maine((before Arnold's Days))only one(1)boy & three(3) girls made it and
      it was from them the Kennebec of ours was brought forth.Period.Me:Many books
      erred with this story.I read his personal letters__copies of his  letters__
      written by him and mentioning a few times 'Kennebec River'.Look at the map
      :The shortest way from Portland to Quebec City is the Kennebec  of Maine to 
      Penobscot+ to Portage’s water streaming into Kennebec-DuLoup-Liniere-Chaudiere.
      +:Penobscot Lake ,Maine in 2011 still have Salmon's of one(1) foot.(=above,
      orange-red fish).
     1.In 1977-78,Mr,Laureat Methot,son of Delias Methot,now 85-86 if he is still
      walking of St.Georges: Told mom and me"There are a few salmon fish at the mouth of
      the Stafford(Brook).There is a depression in the Chaudiere there," Mom and I did 
      not comment;but he kept on saying,"That must be someone who got rid of them.It
      cannot be salmon,that must be from those wide-mouthed bottles(glass bowl) we 
keep in the      TV room,with those orange fish whatever we call them.
      When I arrived in 1961,the natural lake in the center of St.Georges was  
      completely depleted if it were not that small stream ,looking like a small stream
      coming from the tap water in your kitchen.It used to have trout,carp,and another 
      one,I forgot.
  2. Megantic,the source of Chaudiere,but it receives water from a small river called
     Arnold.He:They always take the biggest flow.Me:I learned 10 years ago that the name 
     St.Laurent begins at Lake Ontario I thought it began at the Lake Superior.He:There
    are quite a few confusions in this world.They talk about to add an ’s’ to St.George and
    they    talk about Heritage.

3. At other times,just before the day I left,Chief Pozer showed up,"It came to me what
    we discussed the other day the source of St.Laurent it is from Minnesota."Me:North
    River.He:Ah,you knew.Me:It slipped my mind on the moment.He:Mesabi Range,
   because of    its 7-Beaver Lake.Me:But could have been Pigeon River.He:It began near
   Rainy River,    the opposite of Pigeon.Me:It goes to Winnipeg Lake and Hudson's Bay.He:
  They say  Hudson Bay,you know why?.Me:An error from the cartographer.He:If the big
   Lakes were    small there would be no argument about the source.Me:You have got the
   last word.
4.The Chapel of eighteen hundred and thirty-one(1831)__some call it the first 
Church__took 10 years to build,why?:The first six(6) years, it looked they were trifling.
They became serious,the seventh(7) year.During that time Mr.Roy was erecting his
 Bridge.At eighth(8) year,Mr.Pfotzer  unexpectedly showed  up and said bluntly”You
 want the land free.This is the best site.”.No one spoke and 2 years later it opened.
      Bye,Bye.(End of Chief Pozer and the Kennebec Tribe).
Chief Randall Pozer was a very good friend of my father,by the way,the last time I spoke
 to my dad he was with him.I went to see dad and my tire got stuck in the iced snow.
When both were ready to push me,Chief Pozer said to the others,”(Fr,)Please,help us to 
push him ,He has a long,long way to go.”.2-3 years later both passed away while I was in
the States.I did not tell him how  St.George was to get its ‘s’:which see P.S.-1.
      How Coca-Cola was for the first time distributed in our region:My dad worked for Mr.
      Arthur Grenier.1924.According to my Father:He showed each potential customer the 6 oz.
     bottle  of Coca-Cola with the  liquid of Coca-Cola inside.And asked them whether they
     wanted  some.If they do ,he wiil order some for them.He did that at every place from Lac
      Frontiere to Robertson-Lambton-St.Gedeon to Jackman, Maine.
      Reaction of each eventual buyer:"I would like to taste it first."  Respone:No.You
      purchase and you will taste it later.Some accepted,others in the long run by hearing
      favorable comments from others ordered.
      Another story from my dad.This time I was more often with him. The Company Coca-Cola
      was rewarding my dad,why? One day,an agent of Coca-Cola with Mr. Arthur Grenier asked
      both of them "How do you do your repairs with the truck?". (I witnessed this)Mr.
      Grenier,supposed,preferring not to respond.Later,I thought he was not paying the 
      repairs,it was not in his interest to say anything.The answer came from my father,
      this way,"It never breaks down." "Our Company repairs its trucks.You have nothing 
      whatsoever to pay"."But," my father responded,"It never breaks.". After discussion,
      a few weeks flied by,my dad began to receive a $100.00 each month and this as long as
      he was working for Mr.Grenier,and this beside his normal pay.($100.00=$,AT THAT TIME)
      The agent said,"It makes no sense,we pay lots of money for our trucks and you,not one 
      penny." (after their office.I was not there.On their way out I heard
      this)(dad)"If you do not force your motor it has no reason to break down.".
      This is how my dad was driving and I experienced it:It started his truck slowly on
      the street,stopped slowly:saving the tires.Going up a hill as long as possible in
      the long gear;then as long as possible in the 2nd gear and shifting back and forth
      between the 2nd and 1st gears.It was here with my dad I learned a car company
      constructs its automobiles,trucks, in such a way ,it will last for those who are
      hard on those locomotion.

      For a reason I do not know he discontinued with Coca-Cola__Mr.Grenier's both sons 
      growing up ?a reason__. He began to work for The National Breweries:He began to sell
      Dow,Black Horse,Frontenac ,Boswell and something they call Lager beer.He had for 
      himself one case of small 12 bottles a week,free;but he never drank any.His employee,
      Jean Paul,his cousin,had a liking for beer,waiting,looking forward each week.
      Yeah,the same song made itself heard here as well;that is,One hundred dollars each
      month.I think in the long run they hiked it.I do not know how much,of course,beside 
      his normal check.
      One day,the Company bought Champlain beer We went and helped to empty Mr.Jacob's 
      warehouse.Dad asked him,"What are you going to do now?" Both going to the office I
      never got the answer.
      Like Coca-Cola with the beer truck I traveled with my father every day in summertime.
      We had the same run.When some were ordering a few bottles I was delivering them.
      I imagined__I was 9-10 years old__I was helping a lot.Only at the U.S. Customs I was
      not allowed to step  out of the truck.
      In those days the asphalt was only in the center of the town ;for example,Village   
      Morency and 200-300 feet south of Famine River knew not  what asphalt was;so,
      in dry seasons  dust continued in this fashion. My dad stopped the motor and waited
      the car ahead of us distance (itself):keeping his motor cleaned.
      Today,with the traffic he could not do the same thing;but now there is alphalt,so.
       For Coca-Cola, competitors attempted and threw their weight around and all but one
       made it:Pepsi-Cola.Not only it survived but is still great.
       All those stories I am telling you are part of St.George,Beauce,my friends.
       The 2 Hotels on the river-side had difficulties,for they ordered once in a while during the
        day:one  or 2 bottles at the time.
        It appeared __I was young and lost  in time__I think when he began to work for
         Mr.Veilleux full time the ‘Law Scot’ came into effect.(Dad was working
         at the theatre long before ,tearing tickets  at the door ….
         We were going to Lac Megantic but I do not know  which one Coca-Cola or
          National Breweries because I still remember the bumches of railroad tracks
          like Lac Frontiere’s.

                   BEAUCE DIALECT  &  VIRGINIA-NORTH  CAROLINA ‘S  & TEXAS’                   
           I have been told by 2 French Canadians Officials,One of High School,the other,
           University:Both in Montreal:”Beauce  accent willy-nilly  is now a  widespread 
           language among  the  French Canadians.”.
           In  movies when we hear  occasionally the Accent of Virginia-North Carolina
           or Texas’ it enhances the beauty of the story.

            If you cannot use that trump as it is in the U.S.A.,at least,let nature instead.

            Yep,the peculiar accent of Beauce Valley or North Carolina or Texas’ is a
            fact of life.

                                                          THE  GREY   PARTY
             Since 1898,each Federal and Provincial Election,in our area,the polling
             station was at J.A.Gagnon Building.

             Observing those Representatives chosen by their Officials of each party
             in our poll,I concluded that their opinion(s)lapped up against one another.
              regardless of the number of parties.

             So,the Black Party(ies) is negative to the White’s.
             And the Silent Majority that gives victory,each time,to its side is the

             Grey One. 
                                                        CRADLE   SONG
                                              CHANSON  DU  BERCEAU(LA) 

                  German 1817,American1818,the 1ST   furrowers of St.George.
                  Henceforth,German Lutheran,American (Reformed)Baptist and their
                   languages   shaped the fundamentals.                           

                   The followers__whoever they are__are inheritors;

                   For,Domain(e)’s and Jersey Mills’ are the Founding Fathers of

NOTE:So-called ‘BEAUCE Dialect or Accent’ which began to take root with the
            so-called the French Canadians__Normans would be  their true ID__,,,,;for,
            this was proven when Beaucers__Le Regiment de la Chaudiere__ at
            World War-2 invasion of France(Normandy Zone)Norman  people there said,
            ”You have our accent,you talk like us!.”.Thus,those originated from there as            
            Gagnon,Poulin,Roy,Veilleux  you name it,developed Beauce Valley where the
            selfsame  accent automatically dissemminated all over Canada as far as
             that so-called Beauce dialect-accent__A La Pere Gedeon __is concerned.
There were a pretty good number of Irish American settlers in eighteen 
hundred and twenty(1820) in Jersey Mills.
((In eighteen hundred and forty-two (1942)another wave of Irish came
 but was from  elsewhere in the Province of Quebec.))
According to Chief Randall,Jacob was the first to bear the name ‘Pozer’.
A Close Contest=From Germany ,Pfotzer 1817,Americans from  the United States 1818.
              Note:Except the Founder,the following were the  Americans of 1818’s
                         Descendants:The names  I still remember from J.A, or my Aunt 
                         Luizella or even socially are:Mr.\Mrs.\Miss:Potzer=Pozer 1+:
                         still around:I knew by name Gordon,Mayor of St.Georges West,
                         Kenneth,once with him and Grandpa,Chief Randall,by sight;
                           Cathcart 2+:came often to J.A.,I knew her by sight;and related to
                         Coleman and Breakey somehow:When you go home from Quebec-Levis 
                         Ferry you arrive at the front of a house,as you arrive,at your left,you see
                          the railroad tracks,passing at about 8 feet from the window,this
                         was Mr. Breakey’s  house  in Breakeyville: named in 
                         honor of ‘our’ Breakey of Jersey Mills where his house=office
                         name was later named Hotel Benedict Arnold and later called
                         (Benedict)Hotel-Motel-Inn Arnold,at least,until 1956,and owned
                          by Mr. Florian Pomerleau whom I knew very well;Willis 3+:a good 
                          friend of mine,2-3 years older than I,he inherited at a young age
                          and hired people,etc.;Taylor or Tailor 4+:with father  James Merle
                          Wintle,both decided to build the 1846’s Anglican Church of
                          Cumberland Mill,James was born in Cumberland Mill,I heard
                          and interred at Jersey Mills: Wintle’s son was married,at least 2
                         children, my brother and I chatted with him and resided across the
                          street,  They were Amerian Citizens; Carter 5+:It appeared
                          Wilf Carter,the Fiddler from Nova Scotia resided for a while in
                           Jersey Mills: On the STARR record-label playing Gig & Reel;but,
                           better known among the great as a singer of Cowboy-
                           Western songs;the other Carter was residing next door
                            to my Wife’s mother,he had twin girls very close friends
                           to my wife, and a son,at least,his father or grandfather
                           was the cousin of Mr. Monette, mom’s cousin,an instructor
                           in Montreal,each Summer while visiting us he always paid
                           him a visit;Scott 6+:One I knew,remember?,the girl at the 
                            end of J.A.,my first friend;Ross 7+:and Mil(l)burn,the 
                            former,her radio was always tuned on CFCF 600kc Montreal,
                            was almosr every week at J.A.for pictures.I was delivering 
                            her shopping,she was residing at the right triangle of
                            Chaudiere and Pozer Rivers at the end of Chaudiere Avenue
                            and Millburn,living at 200-300 feet south of Ross’;Murtha
                           Hotel 8+:his son Sonny,in the Amerian baseball team :
                           This story is related in J.A.;Margaret Cahill 9+:a girl,married???
                           co=owner of Hotel  American Hotel,next to Murtha’s;
                            Sylvester Redmond 10+:Mayor of St.George(s),at least twice;
                            Antrim 11+and Oliver Arms 12+:are 2 buried in Baptist 
                             Cemetery in Jersey Mills within the point of the acute
                             intersection of roads leading to St.Come and St.Martin:
                             route  73-204.Were the bodies at one time removed?;otherwise,
                             the Auspice(Old Folks Home)Gendreault shoudred them in
                             sureness.;Carruthers;Thompson 13+I knew him like 
                              that ;Whitney;Lowerson ;Young;Pharmacy Van Der
                              Heyden 14 +Was a German:His signboard waving in the wind was reading,
                              REXALL DRUGS,when I was delivering
                            his newspapers Le Soleil each day,each week he gave me 0.10c,
                            Hey,one cent in those days was money:you could buy one egg,
                           or a loaf of bread=2 breads of today,a quart = a liter and a half 
                           of milk today in 2011. Heyden was  located in the building 
                            North of Bellevue-Maguire & Banque Canadienne Nationale,
                            South (you see it in J.A, photos), facing the 4th bridge; Eddy Hall
                           tried to be elected  Mayor of Georges West;James Turbull  and
                            James Armstrong, Ministers  of the Presbyterian 
Church of Jersey 

                            Mills=photo  Poulin-J.A.Gagnon 1850s  -  DG………………………

…….Remember in J.A.?:The Baptist Church in Jersey Mills they turned into a 

     I still remember some addresses’ 185 Kennebec Road,also 155,165

                            Kenne bec  Road,Jersey Mills,Beauce County’.Note:At the beginning
                            Kennebec Road was called Chaudiere  Road.Also Kennebec Road,
                            St.Come,Beauce.Sometimes I was hearing as addresses’ Jersey Mills 
                           Settlements’.I heard often Marlow Cemetery,Armstrong.
                           The first(1)buried at  Jersey Mills Cemetery was in 1818.I knew at one 
                           time five(5) were buried there.  Whether interesting or not of the
                           above,I am giving you Historical Facts as I  knew them.Of course,I 
                            knew Donat Drouin of Drouin & Paquet,grocerie;Poulin & Grondin,
                            Quinquaillerie,later CKRB Radio also,being part of Shoe Shop ;Morris
                            Davis,for  the whole family;Lorenzo Veilleux, Radio Repairs also Operator
                           at St.George Theatre with a Mister  Poulin. I was like my dad,talking with        
                            everybody ,youngs and olds,Yes, I was interesred in a subject,I was talking
                            to a mister or a madam. I showed diplomacy in being helpful  the day I
wanted to have something?,I was not like that.I was polite.Casual talk.This kind of
behavior ended up with this history of St.George(s).Not so bad,right.So,this is what 
I learned:I saw long ago two (2) old__if not ancient__maps,one was written ‘East of
Eastern Townships and East of Chaudiere River “Jersey”:Yes,our Jersey Mills.It was
in seventeen hundreds(1700s).
The other map “Nouvelle Beauce”:Yes again,our Beauce.And it was part of Eastern 
Towmships.  Another things  written were ‘Arnold and Chaudiere Townships’,Tring,
Marlow,Gayurst,Dorset,Spalding.Shenley,Forsyth,Risborough.These last names were 
between  ten-twenty(10-20)miles  from either Lake Francis-Chaudiere River and from 
the actual Tring and Lake Megantic.
 In the History of St.George(s),an example:How ‘Watford’was basted to keep it from
dying out .                         

A named Gagnon,a small grocerie,across Mr.Nicholas Tawel,Mayor(p.s.-1),an old 
man.Something happened  and it sticked  to my head,this: Mr.Paul Emile 
Provost,the one who opened a saloon in Station District, was a good joker in a 
way;This Mister Jos Gagnon had a small grocey to kill time,as Isaid,he was very 
old.He was always responding with t he same sentence,why?:Because he was 
completely deaf. (French)Mr.Provost shakes his hand and said,”Dirty old friend, 
I wish you would go tohell,one day.”  Mr. Gagnon to respond,”Same to 
you, Mr.Provost.”. we all laughed but lightly,of course.I was around 13. One 
day, Mr.Provost  sold his saloon to a group of Catholic Nuns(I forgot their 
Name,Chretienne is in it.Sorry).They never knew what was going on in there. It 
is terrible?,read this:In Chicago I witnessed this myself with my own eyes: A 
single wall(no air between),separating a Church and a Burlesque.Yes,friends, We 
call that ‘contrast’.
                                                        A      Love
          Die,you are a small cube in games of chance.
          To say of you   ‘  straight as a die?’
          Willing obedience?
          Not half bad!
                                             Beauce    Wind    Scale
                             Have you seen Beaufort Scale?
                            All goes  2km ,7,21,32,47,etc.:a count in house.
                            Why not an easier counting?
                            3km,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,45,55,65,75,?,a count down or up?

My 2 favorite radio stations  were CFCF Montreal and WNEW New York City, coming 
in  night & day,throughout the year.Both had a point of peculiar interest: CFCF 
on each hour identifying itself exactly this way year after year: “Since 
‘nineteen-nineteen’,this is ‘six-hundred’  C-F-C-F Marconi Radio Station 
Montreal”.    CKAc that was mostly English at the beginning  became the first 
French language radio station in the world ,and this was in 1920. CFCF is the 
first Licenced radio station in the world:Yes,no matter what you hear:go to the 
old source.Before CKAC went on the air CFCF occasionally used 
French,depending,later with CKAC;one day,CFCF decided to live in English and 
CKAC , after a few years ,decided ‘really my life is in French’,so be it!
I witnessed with my ‘both ears’ both of them bilingual. WNEW, Announcer Mr. 
Martin Block Program.No Songwriters & Singers in the World  could launch a new 
song or music without having it played on his show-program,first.(I 
guess,dealing with the English language only).4-5 years before I left 
St.Georges,he retired and the new announcer said.”….and this will never  be 
repeated ‘again’.”.His program was at 7 P.M.,Mon.-Fri. yearround. I had always 
been wondering,’how come it is always here I hear Hit Songs,first?’ 

Well,one day I found out.  One day,as usual,my mom was seated by the window, 
me,seated by the radio and dad seated on a rocking chair__he never rock,but  it 
was the only chair available for him in the front__one evening he said,”Why are 
you listening to that hubbub?”
(((Before I give you the response,please let me tell you this:I was raised with 
the  classic music  a la Beethoven,opera and all that stuff.One day,as I told 
you in J.A. Gagnon at Luizella Studio,the first Dancng School took place here in 
1942. My brother was learning how to dance with 3 male friends,the instructor 
being a young girl.They  were playing what was the popular music of that time 
‘The  American Ballroom Dancing Music’also known as ‘The Big Band’;such as, Guy 
Lombardo and his Royal Canadians, Tommey Dorsey and his Orchestra, Artie Shaw’s 
Orchestra, Benny Goodman’s Orchestra and 100s of others.While watching  them 
dancing,to myself,’My brother is not stupid,if he enjoys it,why not me?’ It was 
then I shifted to the American music and still going strong today in 2011.)))

Now,my dad’s response. My mother__in place of me__responded:”You cannot say this 
is not beautiful?.”. You know what?;Perry Como,her favorite singer was singing 
”Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes,Don’t Let The Moon Break Your 
Heart”.Yes,my Dear Dad did not throw his question at the right moment.Well,he 
never commented her response and kept reading his Morning L’Evenement-Journal 
that belonged to Evening Le Soleil newspaper.He did not know I changed of 
music.Since she was hearing my music every day ,in the long run,Mom fell for 
it.That is why his question popped up. Mr.Martin Block passed away  about 20 
years ago.I heard it here on the West Coast on the 
MAURICE CHEVALIER .French Actor.At Least in my days at the theatre, Hollywood 
Films were distributed by their approved Distributors;so, British films and 
French films from France,Hollywood had the hand-out. At that time the radio was 
not a good way to advertise;so,like  Barnum & Bailey -Ringing Bros.Circus,John 
Philip Sousa Band,etc.  advertised themselves with parades .Film Companies were 
using the main actors….by dispatching them to the lobby of the theatre where 
they actually featured or performed.One day,Mr.Maurice Chevalier appeared at the 
door.(Now,in french,according to my father)”….a ‘gentle’ gentleman, y a l’don 
d’la parol’, etc.”(translation:”he has the gift of the gab.”)  This is what 
happened in the States ,around 1929.From now on Maurice  worked in Hollywood, 
sometimes returning for some films in France;but,his major roles were in the  
U.S.A.        Sometimes I was going to a small theater named Alvin on  Chicago 
Street or Chicago on Alvin Street.Hey,55 years ago. Please give me a break.That 
theatre passed only 2nd runs. A line of spectators at the door  children of 
7-13.Who was the main actor?’No other than Maurice Chevalier.At any 
theatre,always filling it up.Especially with women of all ages,bringing their 
husbands or friends….A few years before he died ,a book of his came out .On the 
first page where the story of his life is to begin it is written before in 
smaller letters but blacker,this:’To be liked by the Americans for so long was 
the pride of my life’. ALL Presidents of the U.S. invited him to the White House 
since 1929 until  he passed away near Paris(Montmarte,I think.He was raised 
there).He was called something like ‘The Ambassador of France in the 
Entertainment World’.Everyone I knew were thinking like me which is: “The First 
Lady influenced the President to have him with a formalevening meal. “.MAURICE 
CHEVALIER in Montreal:At EXPO-67,at the time everything  In business was in the 
English in Montreal.(It is related to St.Georges, you will see)They got hold of 
Maurice Chevalier….They told him,”You are going to fill that hall__a huge 
playhouse made for the EXPO and to be  dismantled after the EXPO__”Are you 
crazy?What am I going to do?”.
“They will tell you when time come”.Maurice,How many seats?. They:Ten 
Thousands.Maurice:Are you crazy? They:You will do it. Maurice:Who will be with 
me? They:You are alone.Maurice:really, you are all crazy.It makes no sense. 
Well,first evening,crammed;second,packed;third evening.It was the last show in 
the night.All seats taken.They decided to add chairs in the aisles;so,people 
already seated can see the stage..One said.”The hell with safety regulations,and 
people outdoors….all in the lobby”.and go all behind those already seated and 
there were more people outdoors who could not enter,so they left all doors 
opened.Many fire doors on the sides opened.Etc.After the last show:Maurice:Why 
people like me like that?I am just a man,trying his best. They(After Maurice 
left the building):”We made an error by having  him only 3 days….”.Well,contract 
bound them,and another Group was scheduled….The one who told me that was hired 
by the EXPO67.They hired people from all part of the Province.He knew I had 
something with the theatre, Etc.He said,I was looking forward to tell you 
that.Yes ,the person who told me that is among you in St.Georges. Note:On 
Cable-TV, Turner Company features many old movies  from Hollywood. You watch the 
titles day after day….lucky,well,you will see how lovely, adorable his accent 
is. In his book it is written,”I was liked because,I think, I was doing 
different things;such as, a bit of comedy,a bit of laugh,jokes you know, 
romance,a bit of singing.”.At the beginning of his career in Hollywood,he paid 
one million ($1,000,000.00)dollars to try to lose his french accent. Today in 
2011,a million=ten millions;yeah,in other words,he never knew why he was so 
popular in the english world.And the only reason was he had a pecular accent of  
his own.Note:Many French Actors have French Accents;for instance,Charles 
Boyer,Dauphin only these  2 come to mind right now.But Maurice had an accent I 
would define it as a ‘jovial accent’,I think I got  it.He had his own 
sound;well,his popularity proved what I am trying to explicate to you,Readers. 
Why you cannot lose the accent you have right now:My first Landlord we had in 
Vancouver could speak 9 languages perfectly;such ,as 
,Lettonian,Latvian,Esthonian,Lithuanian,etc.He was brought up in those small 
Countries in East Europe that are Counties here in Canada.He was an interpreter 
for the U.S.Army at the beginning of the U.S. occupation of Germany after WW-2.A 
receptionist at anOptometrist,7 languages,she told me.She was a Lithuanian.Why 
the accent?:As you grow up your throat (larynx) is molding,year after year,the 
skin….that shapes people’s life.  Ex.:A trumpet vibrates according to its 
pitch,it will never sound like a cornet,trombone for it is ‘molded’ to have the 
sound of a trumpet;so,the same for a larynx=your 
larynx.                                ((Mr.Maurice Chevalier,even in French:How 
his voice is borne upon the wind?))                            
                                            Johann Georg Potzer
                       He settled in his settlement in Aubert-Gallion.
                       He set himself and his family in their Flour Mill.
                       They set to work,as were their wont.
                       They set it,with their family,in 1817.   
                       Photo Poulin-Gagnon
In the late 1830s  -  [CA]                                                               
                                             THE 2 BROTHERS Redmond

Both were from the descendants from the influx of 1818 from Maine.
He became Mayor of St.Georges,East Beauce,at least,twice.
His brother Mr.Andrew opened a bank in Jackman,Maine.
And thanked St.Geores many times because of the unexpected 
numbers of people dealing with his bank. 
I myself dealt with his bank when I had a private enterprise in 
Los Angeles & New Orleans.((Because our  both  sons were catching cold each
winter,I closed all businesses down and moved to Vancouver,B.C. where
freezing is exceptional.)).
A photograph ,reminding  the life of my youth in St.George,my Hometown.
Photo J.A.Gagnon  before World War-2’s Years  DH

The Anglican Church where Mr.Taylor and his family, a friend Amos and Mr.
Dan Wintle married to Marie Claude Drouin,Claudete Drouin of Cumberland
Mill near St.George,originally from Londonderry,New Hampshire.Cemetery 
at your right,in back.  Photo Poulin-J.A.Gagnon 1846  CB    

Mrs.Georgette  Lacroix Dutil  asked me  to take a picture of a table set for a birthday
….about to leave,at the door we chatted__we were good friends__she said,
“See,we are paying for that.” I responded,”The work is doing is  the hardest 
one after the lumberjack’s(pause 2-3 seconds). If he does not rest 5 minutes
after each 10 minutes of work he will not be able to get up tomorrow 
morning.”  “When we have never work we do not know what we are talking
 about,right(smiling).”((She is millionaire herself)).” I cleared my dad’s
  bedroom __he has his own house,now__(on her way to pick 
 something up) I think this photo  will be in better hands with you it is your
line,right.”(The worker we talked about was digging in the street with a pick
and shovel.Nothing automatic at that time,folks.)The photograph she 
handed over to me was Mr.Emile Brochu’s  home & Wool Mill & water mill you can
 see the site in J.A.Gagnon’s  History.  Photo Gagnon 1897 -  CF

According to Mr.Ludger Dionne,Wenceslas,his father, left a note when he passed way
telling ‘this photo was taken in late 1830s by a named Poulin.’I think it belongs to you 
Madam Gagnon ,Johann G.Potzer’s Flour Mill.
Luizella,”I heard about that photograph.It was in my father’s days.From mister Poulin,
of course.”  “He bought his equipments,”Mr.Dionne added.She: “They had to expose hours
it was the beginning of photography and it was on metal,me on glass.”He:  “On gelatin,now,horse &
 buggy,good old days.”Luizella,”At what time he arrived?”
“The mill opened in 1818,but they arrived in 1817.”(A customer arrived).Mr.Dionne on 
his way out,turning around,he said,”It was there his employees began to say,’George’.”
Hence,later with the Catholic Parish,’they’ added the word ‘Saint’ + ‘St.’ to become
St.George ,with the arrival of French Canadians later,some naturely began to add 
haphazardly an ‘s’ that became formal in  late 1956(see J.A.Gagnon’s History,p.s.-1.).
  Photo Poulin-J.A.Gagnon 1830. CA
Celebrate your victor,the Westerners;for Sartigan(Station) was still a fetus,when you
were born.Be proud of your hoop skirt.
Note:Westerners=Future St.Georges,west.  Sartigan-Station=train.,as only an
evangelic place.
First(1)pont Famine Bridge:The first horse racing? Photo J.A.Gagnon 1899-1907 =CCA.
Who would not agree the nearness of Abnakis and Kennebeckers here is not suggesting
a closeness  at home in the State on Maine?
Who woukd not agree that nearness of friction over there caused wars between them?
Who would not agree when all hope had fled , get away from the ocean?
Who would not agree fleeing suggest the shortest route westward?

 CCC Keeping one’s companions easy and laughing for the photographer.
Photo J.A.Gagnon 1885:First Photograph Outdoors at Abnaki  Falls,St.George.

At your left Mr.Giroux’s house.He had 3 children. Photo J.A.Gagnon before 1900=CCB.
This house was on the East side of 1st Avenue,2nd South of 25th (now 125th)Street.
The white house in the center on 1st Avenue:the last tenant I knew was  Mr.Reginald
 Gamache,he was selling ‘Elextrolux’.At your left side-front corner of the house was about
 one(1)foot on the sidewalk.Had it not been that way that part of sidewalk would have
 been inthe living room or in 2011,in the TV room.
Note:I speak ‘Beauce French Dialect’,and this said-white house above was called 
“la maison ecrianche’ (with an accent ‘/’,over the last ‘e’).(Translation=crooked  
house-like).And this just gave my memory a jog.I was at the college in the States.
I had been there for over 3-4 months.We were over 1,000 students.With the
 French Canadians I was always talking English. One day,there were a group of
them around me  talking,at one point they were arguing about something,to 
myself,I said.”Why do you not let them know you know French?”;so I got the
jump on with the word ‘ecrapouti’(flatten out).One of the group exclaimed (in fr.)“L’pere
 Gedeon!”,another  tu parl’s francais?” and the other “Ou tu’t viens?”  “D’la 
Beauce.”A Doctor with them said,”J’pensais L’per’ Gedeon etait un’ histoayr’
Inventay.”I continued talking and that Doctor repeated and repeated:”Listen!,
Tu peus pas dir’ qui a pas l’accent du payr Zaydayaw,aycoute sa sort naturally,
Tu peux pas dire he assaye to fool us,nous fayreaccroire?”and later ,he told in 
French”J’pensais Lem’lin a fabricay un hitoir’pour nous amusay;(in Eng)so,it exists.”

Photo CA 
Photo CB photo CB
Photo CCA photo CCA
Photo CCB photo CCB
Photo CCC 
Photo CF 
Photo DG 
Photo DH photo DH
Photo CH photo CH
Photo majors 1 
Photo majors 2 

The first eight Mayors of St.George(s) East, Beauce, Quebec, Canada. 
Photos J.A.Gagnon: 
Mr.:AQ= Joseph Gagne:1907-1911; AR= Joseph Gilbert:1911-1914; 
AS= Philippe Thibaudeau:1914-1916; 
AT= Joseph Michaud:1916-1919; AU= Joseph Gagnon: 1919-1921 + 1933-1937; 
AV= Absolon Poulin:1921-1923; AW= Georges Thibaudeau:1923-1927 + 1931-1933;
AX= Remi Bolduc:1927-1931.
Actress NANETTE BORDEAUX,Hollywood (Los Angeles)California, nee Helene
Olivine Veilleux of st.George west ,Beauce Quebec.
The Encyclopedia Britannica called her “one of the most brilliant actresses of
her  era”.
Born April 3,1911,she went to Beverly Hills Doctors’  Hospital(Los Angeles)and
on September 20,1956 at 7 .00 A.M.,at age 45.died of complication of acute
bronchopneumonia.   Buried in Calvary Cemetery 2902 Laurel Highway,Flushing
:Queens,New York City.  Her grave is marked ‘Nanette Bordeaux’ and shared 
her  plot with Anna Marie Veilleux,her sister who passed away in 1980.She paid
 me a visit 4 days  before I left  St.Georges in 1978. She had told me “she was
sick”. She was raised with Mr.Hermandy(Armand) Veilleux,Theatre,her brother,near 
Pozer’s  Mill, of 1818 in Domaine District,St.George West,Beauce.

They cast  her many roles:fifteen(15) film appearances ,beside many Shorts.The 3
Stooges among others. 
“A Merry Mix-Up”,her last performance was released after her death.
Columbia Pictures & Hal Roach Studios owned the Copyrights.

Brothers of Charity School,St.Georges West:Ferdinand and Sanctain married 2
pretty girls of St.Georges.

Clermont Pepin,Domaine District,St.Georges West, dealt with music a la 
Beethoven ,in Montreal,Paris, & in New York City.
Note:The Unexpectedness happened. While directing the New York Philharmonic 
Orchestra  the Director * felt sick. Having seen Mr. Clermont
  earlier in the side aisle,they requested  him whether he was still  in the 
  He came & spent the remainder of the evening directing the orchestra.
:Mr.Clermont told me that.**
*:Not sure,Berstein??.
**:I have never seen that moment written,why? I suppose it was but incidental,

While at the college in Chicago I bought a pocket-sized transistor radio, fitting
I was ‘playing’ with it.A girl walked in.She saw me with this tiny Germanium 
radio in the palm of my hand and hearing CKRB.Before going to my mother 
waiting, she came toward me saying,”(Fr.)Mon cher,j’aime c’que vous avez.Ou ca 
tvien c’p’tit
radio?”.I said,”tu l’veux?”(=My dear,I love what you have.Where does this tiny
radio  come from? I said,You want it?):While opening her small purse=wallet
the 10.00 dollars was not very long coming ,already on my lap while with a smile
she  said,”Sure j’l’veux.”. (=Sure I want it).Before accepting I told her,” A 
 d’ou j’etait javais 12 postes de radio;ici toay, tu vas avoir qu’un poste, 
away she responded,”Say c’que j’veux.”(=In Chicago where I was I had 12 radio 
stations;here you will have but one  station,CKRB.She responded,that is what
 I want) She was 16 years old. [I regretted later,too close to a customer….;well,
she kept coming back many times.Between yo u  Readers and me,I bought this
miniature radio with a 8.00 dollar. ]The first time she came back her radio on,
of course,she told me,”(Fr.)Personne a c’que j’ai.Aucun magazin.Un m’a 
d’mander ou ca d’vient et y va en commander.”(= No one has what I have.
No store either.One asked me where it came from. And he is going to order some).
She said,”J’su  tout’ seul’.”I responded,”Tu voay comment special  tay”.(She said,
I  am all alone.I responded,See,how  special you are).And mom took over.
You know what?; I knew as a close friend in Chicago a girl looking exactly__figure
 and form__like her,and the only difference the  one I sold my germanium radio
 to,speaks French while the other speaks English.
In Chicago,I was seating in parks.An old man seated by me said,”We come to the
 park to have silence.And you hear that buzzing.” He could not finf out where 
buzzing(=my radio)came from.Why?:My radio was in my left shirt pocket,so the
sound was traveling away from me.and could only hear the side of it.In other words,
the sound coming out of a small radio transistor the direction is universal,so you 
cannot tell the direction where its sound is coming from.
The samething happened while waiting for the City bus in Chicago.People around me
__even those touching my shoulder__were smiling while saying to one another,
“I do not know where it is coming from”.
Note:Usually,we see a big radio receiver held by the  hand.Mine was new on the
market.After fifty-three(53)years,I still see their smiling -face wondering.

                                           World War-2   story  in Europe
Note:Parentheses are mine for clarification.
In nineteen hundred and fifty-eight(1958)at a college in the State of Iowa,U.S.,a Soldier
 of the Le Regiment de la Chaudiere told me as a soldier  how he managed to live 
through the World War-2:As promised by the Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces
in Europe and Africa the Canadian forces were the ones who Landed in France first.
We left Canada in 1941(I saw them myself,leaving.Stated in J.A.Gagnon’s History)
In England(U.K)they put us with the British.Drills.all those things to prepare us to fight.
Unexpectedly,Japan bombed the Hawaian Islands.(Later,also,bombed Alaska and West
of Vancouver Island,B.C.).Thus,the U.S.became involved in World War-2.
President Franklyn Delano Roosevelt took the Axis Agreement between Germany-Italy-
Japan to be involved in Europe,as well. We learned later,the General Eisenhower 
launched what we called an ultimatum to Churchill(Prime Minister of England)with
this:”….An orchestra needs only one Leader.You tell them that;if they refused,I’ll
return home on the next flight.”.He said to me,note this,”You will see later:without the
 U.S. we would have lost the World War-2.”.Look!,for the first time in the history of the 
world a nation,the United States fought on three(3) fronts:Europe,Africa,and Asia,”.
So,Eisenhower became the Supreme Commander of all Allied forces in Europe and 
Africa,including Russia(U.S.S.R.).Russia was receiving its war material from Canada and 
the U.S. by Alaska Highway.
The first thing he did was to separate the Canadians from the British.
From this time on,all Canadians were invited to all U.S.Holidays.At U.S.Thanksgiving we 
seated anywhere among them as one people,Eisenhower chatted with everyone.
We were like Americans. I have never forgotten that psychological feeling.We all
felt Americans!.We heard there were a meeting of all those titles,and this came out:
One Leader requested Eisenhower,:”  ‘Can’I land  in France first when time 
come ‘s’  ”.Eisenhower to respond,”My friends, the Canadians,will be the first to land in 
France.”.Now,we knew we would be the first ones;but,we did not know which 
Brigades,Divisions.I learned later,it was on that very day that the Regiment de la 
Chaudiere was picked up.At that time no one knew but Eisenhower.
I was one(1) within a group of two thousand(2,000).We were doing drills(etc.)but it was
 always in the morning;in the afternoon,baseball.And this for three(3) years.We 
thought this is war.I think we covered all hills in England,Scotland,Wales,you name it.
But always baseball in the afternoon,rain or shine.We celebrated the Independence Day,
the 4th of July, with the Americans,Eisenhower included,talking  to everyone,including
 the French Canadians.It was on that day,we all felt he really meant it when he said,
”My Friends,the Canadians ,”.
First thing in the morning was always on a ship wherever we were .I put things in order
here,so it will make sense to you.Me:I was not interrupting him for I was very
 interested.He:I learned things after the war.We agreed Eisenhower was a 
psychological man.Let me  continue,each morning on a ship doing what?,almost
 nothing.We thought all others were doing the samething.One day,Eisenhower paid us
 a visit__to us,the 2,000__.We thought he did that to all others,we did not know we
 were apart,at the end he said,”Keep up the good work.You gonna need it.”.The next
 morning  it was very stormy,as usual we embarked on a ship,this time they put us
 together,and our Commandant,a French Canadian, talking English,all was english you 
know,and he said,”Today it is D-Day,it is the real thing,we are actually heading South=
 Normandy.” This way,on a ship,a spy could not communicate with the Germans.It was
 very stormy.We thought for a moment we were to capsize.My close friend as he 
disembarked said,”I will  see you after the war.” At this very moment he fell  face in
 the water.  Hey,bombs,
machine guns all over.Me,a bullet whizzed,grazed my ear,had it been closer it would
have bled.I never thought I would make it.When we arrived to the coast the storm 
had subsided, See,on a ship almost doing nothing was a psychologicaj way….
for D-Day.The D-Day was selected by Eisenhower himself.D-Day was against __all
__ his Advisers,why?,because  the morning we left England as I told you….But,a big
‘but’ here.It was Eisenhower’s plan.He asked the meteorologist(weatherman)”If
there is a space or time,a quiet moment between the two(2)storms.There were 2 
storms approaching from 2 different directions,the weatherman said,”Yes,1/2hr”.
I remember when we arrived everything was quiet.After that I remember nothing.
We all tried to survive,you know. His plan was a complete success 100 %.The 
Germans’ report after the war said,”The invasion was a complete surprise.”.
Hey,2 major storms, even their Commandant was gone to a girl celebration.

On my ship we were only two thousand(2,000),not one less,not  one more.We were
a diversion force.A diversion means to make the Germans believe the invasion is 
 taking place here,right now, in Normandy. All other ships were way off,out of sight of the
 Germans.It was when we succeeded to land the order was given to other ships to move 
forward ,__not __before.
We did not know we were a diversion force.We did not know how many were on other
ships.We were not ,at least ,on my part,I was not thinking we were an  especial 
mission .I was not even thinking other ships were not around ,with us.
Out of our 2,000 only eight hundred(800) made it. Before the invasion it was understood
the Canadians will be the ones delivering Netherlands.I entered Germany there.They
accepted me and I took part in the Occupation of Germany.It was easy to go to the American
Zone,it was like at home you know, just say your name ,intention and you are accepted.
When we made the First(1) Landing and the order was given to other ships to do the same
the Americans were on our right ,Omaha and Utah Beaches,the British and other
 Canadians were on our left and those far off  behind us with the Allies=fFrench 
with Charles de Gaule,some Polish,Dutch, Czechoslovakians.The Americans were not so
 lucky,they miscalculated the depth….went straight….drown.Because Canada ‘s war effort
 was so great for its population we earned the respect of the British;probably our 2,000
 was the key….I will never know.England (U.K.)created,out of its Zone,a Canadian Zone of
 Occupation in Germany that ended in nineteen ninety’s(1990s) by the then Prime Minister
In England,we passed for Americans by the girls,only our uniforms told them,a girl 
told me.All Canadians were going out with the Americans,including the French 
Canadians,the Australians New Zelanders,South Africans and the others were always 
with the Brits.
Le Regiment de la Chaudiere were composed of eight(8)Ontarians and a few from
New Brunswick,the rest from Frontenac,Beauce,Dorchester.Did I name them in 
order?Me:You are a good listener.He:We spent 3 years together.But the 2,000 were 
from Beauce,Dorchester,Frontenac only.After the war they found a letter written 
by Eisenhower  stating(I forgot the right sentence but it means this):”….if I failed
it is my fault alone.”.
There are some Brits now in 1958 ,saying they were part of the 2,000.It is wrong.
now they want to take the credit now the dirty work is done.(He was mad when 
saying that sentence.)Continuing:When we left for Normandy,we were not too far 
from what what they call ‘The White Cliffs of Dover’.We climbed them ,but at the 
ends of it.For those cliffs stand up straight.Someone in England(U.K.) composed a 
song  The White Cliffs of Dover ,just before the U.S. entered the war.(Me)I 
remember it became a War Song like ‘I’ll Walk alone’.
From me the writer:We had a Canadian Zone in Germany because we earned the
 respect of the British;please,why ,trying to neutralize that honorable
 Mission(I understand it was not a party;but in war is a duty to obey).Just remember
 the greatest honor the United Kingdom(England)offered, gave to Canada [Note,the U.K.was 
not obliged to do that]which was to occupy the enemy=Germany for over fifty(50) years,
side by side,with the Greatest Powers of that time;namely,The United States of America,
The United Kingdom,The United Sovietic Socialist Republics(=today’s Russia). Please remember,
no other nation had that honor!.The Canadian Zone within the British Occupation Zone
was in the heart of  the country named Germany __South East of the British Zone__at & 
 surrounding Hannover.During World War-2,Canada was officially classified  the six
 more powerful  nation;the third in aviation;the second in naval:Canada was the only 
nation,having the job to clear the Atlantic Ocean of German Fleet:ships+
Submarines.The U.S. Navy-Marinewas busy in Pacific against Japan.
Yes,I heard four(4) stories from sodiers who participated in World War-2 of Europe
 and Africa and told me the samething=”The Supreme Commander Dwight D.
Eisenhower,later President of the United States of America treated us,the
 Canadians,equal to his own.
                                                                ODD    THINGS
                                    It takes seventy-five(75)years to reach a star.
                                   Taking a garden with you,a good proposal;
                                   The closing of the eyelid rests the eye.
                                    A kidney takes over to rest the other.

                               The Astronauts said,”The sky is black.”
                                I am sure they are not microscopists.
                                 You get an ugly brown when mixing  brown+red.
                                 Adding it to a rainbow?:Would they dislike such familiarities?

                                               1775-1975:U.S’  200th  Birthday. 
WE are busy.We forget,right?:I was supposed to go to Quebec.Someone came up
and stalked me;well ‘lucky me’,this way I got an especial photograph;and now this is 
the story that happened on that said-day:
Sylvester Redmond,Mayor of St.George(s),Beauce,Que.,a descendant of Irish 
 Americans  of 1818,decided to have Georgers fete with the Americans the U.S.Independence
 Day-4th July.
So,some Veterans were recruited in Maine,New Hampshire,Massachusetts to form a 
group of two hundred(2oo).They entered through Coburn Customs(=Lac Megantic);
they encounted difficulties to enter Canada,it took over three(3) hours.The Custom
 Officers said,’whoa’. They examined,inspected,inquired,investigated and scrutinized
 everything,everyone.Yes,folks,all english synonyms of the english language.
Were they coming to invade Canada? or to foster something?,One of the Regiment
told us?.Another one said,”They will understand”;well,they did not understand.
Once ready they paraded and stopped at the front of J.A.__J.A, is in the center of 
the town for shopping__:they demonstrated with blank cartridges as their military 
strenght. (I took a photograph).This is the first part of their story,folks.Please remain
 seated ,for the second part will certainly put you in good humor.
We left for Quebec as was our plan.At Quebec City we saw big crowds both sides of 
the street.We were about to shop and my wife realized people were waiting for a 
parade.My wife overheard the mayor was in the parade.My older son succeeded to
find a place,my younger one was in her arms.At our right the parade was directed
 toward us.Suddenly at our left people were laughing.We were behind the crowd.We
 were late,you know,Laughing louder and the crowd on the other side of the street,
looking at their right,laughing.People began to point to their neighbors,:”look!,look!”.
We looked and saw ‘our’ Veterans who paraded in St.Georges,parading and coming
face to face with the Mayor parade. Yes,Folks,face to face.Donned with clothes of the 
U.S. flags surrounded them.Rifles,etc.     The Mayor standing up in his open convertible 
in a loud voice said,”(fr.)+Kess  ki  faw icit’,aw lay zaw dayfait’y a day zannay?.”.
(Tranlation:)What are they doing here.We defeated them years ago?).The Mayor got off
his vehicle.Discussed.After a while everybody started laughing and the booze appeared.
Yes folks,that fast.I do not know how,but that fast.
And you know what? I do not know where the mayor was heading but the parade 
ended right this moment. I watched for a while and no more parade.
They had no permit.They picked up a street at random.  Someone coming from where
the discussion took place told his friends,”One of them told the Mayor ‘We were
encouraged we thought someone told them we were coming.’.”.
+(in french):This was his own articulation,I heard it myself.

That is what happened between two(2) friendly countries,it is like your neighbor’s
One day at my office,a Custom Officer told me this:As he stepped in,”Something trivial
happened at the Border.(Jackman-Armstrong).Some people just do not realize the
U.S. is another country.It is like  your neighbor if you go on his property he will ask you
what do you intend to do?”. I said,”Elsewhere guns.even machine guns.” He 
responded,”We are spoiled here,people do not realize that.” Me:We have been raised ‘easy
does it’.HE:I did not come here for that….”

                                     World War-2     Story  in Africa  and  Italy

My father was holding and administering Mr.Mattieu’s property in trust.
Each Christmas,his wife with 4 daughters and a son,Benoit,invited us for a celebration
 after the Midnight mass.I really  do not know  when this began or for me to be a part
 of it.In Mom’s arms,when we still do not know we exist.Mme.Evangeliste,across Mr.
Michel Anto,Wholesaler,,she invited us each New Year’s Day at dinner time(6-7 
 o’clock)((Note:New Year’s Day the theatre is closed in the evening;so,my dad was
 free.)).And for tit for tat__in a good sense__on each Palm Sunday ,mom invited them;
on Easter,Matthieu. This continued as long as those 2 Madams kept their head on.
(I heard the following word for word,in French:):”Say tu King aw dayclaray la gairr’
avai laigletair ,parl’mo-ay daw afraw.”The other to respond:”D’no zoor naiport’ ko-ay 
arriv’,la gairr kautr’  kell  pai-ee?”.(Translation:):”Did you hear King declared  war 
before England did.Talk to me of an affront? “  “The other,”Nowadays,anything goes
against what country?”
 Yes,folks,in any cultivated society there is always someone misinformed.
‘King’ meant this:”At this moment Canada is at war against Germany.” This way our
 Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King told the world Canada is an Independent 
Country,in ellipsis.  P.M.King’s performance fell flat,as you will see (read)later:
depending of your acuteness.
Statute of Westminster(1931) bestowed the Independence of Canada.
The Royalty?:Only a symbol.Period.
Yes,Mr.P.M.Mackenzie King of Canada at a reception as soon as he was told of the 
event stood and told “At this moment Canada is at war against Germany.”.
Ten (10) days later,at the Parliament of Canada the said-declaration  became official.  
The Draft Board was founded.
Yes,Mr.Benoit Matthieu,son of Mr….Matthieu enlisted as a Soldier.
The Army made a camp next to Hotel Morency,North,and facing Murtha Hotel,across 
the street.   All soldiers were allowed to go home for the night. Another camp-like was
set up  200-300 feet South of Station-Sartigan bridge,East of 2nd Avenue at Mr,Louis 
Poulin,Laiterie Beauceronne Dairy,not too far from the 2nd house of Mr.Edouard 
Lacroix.  This one was for machine guns,rifles,etc.All soldiers had to go there by turns.
The one amusing me¬¬__I was  12__was next door to Morency.They had a small bear.
Each day,after school I was there. During this time(war preparation)at the kiosk,facing
St.Georges West church
the 22nd  Regiment of Quebec (City) performed.The star or 2nd star was Soldat(Soldier)
Lebrun,the Elvis Presley of the time.Soldat Lebrun perforned,with his guitar ‘Ma P’tit’
Marie’ & ‘L’Adieu du Soldat’(Soldier’s Farewell),among others. By turns the 22nd 
Regiment with its Band(:fanfare) played John Philip Sousa Marching Songs among other
Canadian Marches.   At my younger age I noted this:So big a crowd at that time,horse
& buggy,many  four-wheeled wagons drawn by horses,coming from all over:Lac 
Frontiere,Lyster,Jackman ,Maine((This according to J.A.’s customers
 who came over.)).
One of the Band,Paul E.,brother of my dad(also brother of Paul E.,Director of the Choir
of the Basilica of Quebec)came home and slept.  In the morning  he told us,:As I
 lowered my pants to go to bed.I heard.’coo-coo’.My pants raised themselves
 automatically.Note:”coo-coo,is a coo-coo clock uttering each hour its way.  P.E. said,
”We know all those people did not come to hear us,but it is war effort.”. When Soldat
Lebrun was singing we could hear a fly. Benoit on the eve of his departure,at my house,
mom asked him,”Are you under the name of Canada?” Benoit,”No.British,Englishmen.”
Mom,”Too bad.They will never give Canada its due.”.  Next day,in 1941,time of
 departure. They paraded at the front of my house(J.A.’s)while Luizella,on a balcony,
2nd floor of Mr.Michel Ange Poulin’s mother’s house,taking photos.I was with my mother
 on our front porch. My dad’s cousin,I called aunt,while watching with my mother, said,
“It looks beautiful.” Mom said,”Yes.”  “You know some will not return.” Mom,”I know.”
I heard they embarked for England in Halifax.
((In world War-1__at that time,named ‘The Great War’__,my father in 1918(he follows
the year)he embarked for England in Boston,Massachusetts.The ship was on its way,
Someone shouted.And the Captain  shouted,”Steer for the arbor.”  A ship was coming,
AT that time, news were coming by ships & eight(8) days for a ship to cross the Atlantic 
Ocean.,an anxious moment.As his ship anchored,they were hearing crowded shouts,
coming from the coming ship.It took a long minute(My dad’s own words)before a 
Soldier made it out and told us,”I think they say,’war’s over.’.”.To myself,”Too good to
 be true.And tears welled in my eyes.”.We disembarked and I returned home,my home.
Mom,”A close call.”.))
Once  he returned home,Mr.Benoit told mom and dad his story of ‘his’ World War-2
while I was listening: that I now relate to you:Benoit in England with the British.Drills,
etc.:Practice makes perfect.
Because Japan was a member of the Axis Powers the President Franklyn D. Roosevelt
 found a reason to declare war not only to Japan but to Germany as well. As soon as
 Dwight Eirenhower became the SupremeCommander of 
the Allied Forces,Eisenhower separated the Canadians from the British. Eisenhower was
in a way Commander of Russia for they received from England(U.K.)decoded secrets
from Germany.(((Three(3)soldiers told me that))).
We were under Canadian Command.Mom said,”At last,it took an American to do that..”
Ben,”Right,you asked me that before I left”.Ben: One day,some Canadians like me were 
shipped to Africa,with the British.Like dad in 1918,each morning,they were eating 
Hardstack(Dad,interrupting:)”On the ship I had my first meal with ship biscuit,with 
something else,of course,and came home here”.And I added,(to Mom)Is it that you call 
in French ‘biscuit matelot’?”.She said,”Yes.”.Ben.”(As joking)Sympatizing with us.”.
In Africa,in the English Colonies,names escape me.(Me.interrupting:Gambia,Sierra
 Leone.)You know all that?Me”I know all countries in the world with their capital and
important towns.There were only 2 radio receivers in town at the beginning of the war
,and people sat at our front door(steps) to hear The Voice Of America.In English 15 
minutes,each hour,every hour on the hour,followed  by 15 minutes,German,by 15
minutes,French,by 15 minutes,Italian,24 hour,continuously.(Note,at my age,I did not 
really realize what war was.).Ben:French Empire fell as soon as France capitulated;so,
we had to recapture that empire.Gambia has Borders with the French empire and the
Spanish one.(Gambia,has no border with Spanish Sahara.I did not tell him=so what?)
Machine guns,bombs,I never thought I would make it.Well,I am here.
Eisenhower,one day,I heard came to Africa.I did not see him.I was fighting.
Unexpectedly,they  put all Canadians with the Americans.It was psychologic.
North Africa was French Colony and fell to the Germans;so we had to recapture those
colonies there. When we had only Tunisia to conquer the Brits left us.It was a woldwide
War.The U.S.A. was (were)fighting on 3 fronts,Europe,Africa and the Pacific:It was the 
first time in the history of the world.Canada and the U.S. were working as one nation.To
an English General,the American General said,”You want 10,000 airplanes tomorrow?”.
The English said,”Yes,it would be great.”.The American,:”Test me.”. Next morning,
“Where did you get that?”.The American,”That was what you asked,right?.”. It was on 
that day our hope to win heightened.Later they found out the U.S. was producing 3
 times faster than Germany.Italy,Japan combined.(Ontario and the U.S. during the war
 were working together like one entity;but without the U.S. we would have not amazed 
any one.).Russia  was unprepared,they were getting their war materials from Canada
through Alaska(Coming from Ontario & the U.S.=Detroit,Penn.etc.).The Germans 
invaded the rest of France,later lest we landed in the South of France.((Later,I was
 wondering whether my parents understood,had a clear idea of what he was telling
 them.Me,well,I kew the places,at least;beside that,well you know)).Ben:The Brits
 feared the Pope might make an appeal on behalf of the Jews in Germany and Russia
 Occupied Territories.(so,)The Brits (Government)contacted(got in touch with) the
 Americans (Government=President Roosevelt.[By the way,Pres.Roosevelt happened 
to be a close friend of the Pope]how it happened?:I know not.):To the Pope:”If you
make an appeal ….it will have  a __serious__ political repercussion.Please,do not.”.=
(The rest follows:)’Russia is __our__ Ally,we do not want to lose them:This way,the 
Germans have to fight on three__3__ fronts.’.(((See,friends,when  we are not the 
Leaders we should not be a commentator.))).
When we invaded Italy,I was with the Americans.We liberated Rome June 4,’44(1944).
I asked because of the Pope.I was looking forward to tell you that,to this day. At the
 North of Rome there was a fortress,fortified place,on the left(=West)side the 5th 
American army,on the right(East),the Canadians.I learned here the Germans came to
 the rescue of the Italians. Italians did not want to fight.Complete  Divisions
surrendered without fighting.We stayed at that fortress a very,very long time.
I learned here(Prime Minister)Mussolini was killed by his own General and hanged by
 his legs at a tree,with his girlfriend of 16 who requested to die with him.
The 2nd Front in Normandy(=North of France)opened.Everything loosened up.Like you,
my uncle,I am here with you,at home.   During the   war,his wife opened a store for 
women.He began to drink. When cured,Dad returned the property to him.He always
 said,“The Government takes good care of us.” The store was successful.
Note:At other times he told us:In Italy,some Jews were going out of religious 
institutions. I was eating and I saw one,coming out of a church basement,I had an 
uneasy feeling.I always thought he was a Jew still fearing for his life.I said,”You are
free.”in both languages(=french + English);but I guessed he  never understood
what I said.
Jean Paul,the one who was working with my father for the National Breweries,said it
many times,”Ah,yes,I have nothing to say but good about the Government.It takes 
good care of us.the Government taught me how to repair furnaces.” One told him,;
“How come some say,’the government does not take care of his soldiers?’.”.
He said,”Those people have never been to war.”.
In the States,the one who told me the story of the first Landing in Normandy,France.
The Canadian Government was paying for his professional  course,right now:the same
I was taking.Me,I had to pay.Many U.S. students I knew were receiving the G.I. Bills.
I never heard a complain from former U.S. soldiers either.So,Jean Paul was right,with
 his brothers Benoit,Laurent.
A soldier of the Regiment de la Chaudiere in St.Georges after the war each day was  
walking downtown with his military uniform on and proud of it.Walking as if he were
in a parade. He did not want to return his uniform.They had to make him understand
the war was over.He was ready to go back to fight again. The Colonel said,”He 
volunteered  each time we needed a volunteer.He was among the best soldiers.
This soldier told his story many times,showing with his hands how he killed Germans
with machine guns and saying”RAT”,”RAT”,”RAT”.I saw him only once after the war.
Not enough to what he had to tell.I was young you know.He was closer to my brother 
__who was about,but as our dad , just about.__who was in the same classroom,also
Private Roger Garant who yielded up his spirit at Bretteville or another town around
having the ‘ville’at the end of its name(I forget,you know),oh.just shot forth,
Note:He was in the Le Regiment de la Chaudiere with Jean Paul,Benoit,Laurent and
Benoit Matthieu.This last Ben. continues:Britishers (The British)Commandant in Africa
was General Montgomery.Some say,it is written ‘The Brits and the Americans invaded 
Italy’.Ben:It is wrong.I was there.Of course,some british writers classified Canadians as 
British.That is what was going on at the beginning of the war,thanks to Eisenhower,he
classified that. With Eisenhower we had our own Commandant.They say that to honor
those small countries that participated in winning the war.Some Brits were with us
 when we invaded Sicily(=Island South of Italy)but for Italy Mainland the Brits were 
gone.I supposed for the 2nd Front in Europe.(Normandy,France).
                                                      The Weeping  Tree     
                                                            Le Pleureur
    They say you came from East Asia.Since when things like you walk?;besides,the
    Bering Strait years ago was permafrost.

    They say you live along with water and you are ½ mile from Semiahmoo Bay,
    separating us from the U.S.of America.

So,oceanwise you were in good condition for water.And now ,between 2 evergreens
you are standing by my window.

 One thing good though,in our serene weather you tell me how the wind blows.
     EXPLANATION: A tree does not walk;besides,how could you moved within the earth
                                  when it is like ice?
                                   A tree needs water.And you stand at ½ mile,how come?
                                    Speaking of water,thus your route was the ocean.
                                    You loose leaves in winter,how could you have the courage to stand 
                                    between 2  evergreens.Evergreen is green in Winter.
                                    Whatever project you have I like you because as you must have 
                                    realized storms or wind or high temperature or freezing is exceptional here.
 One day in 1930-20s, Jessey, Mrs. J.A.Gagnon gave her cat or one of her cats to someone
 living in Jackman, Maine. Six(6) months later,something was sratching at the door,she
 looked ,her cat fixing her eyes.She said,”I will never give away my cats,never again.” 
Jackman is at 55 miles from St.Georges.My wife and I had a cat,one day gone.But we
 were sure who took it:the wife of a physician. They took our cat to their cottage which
 was their house at the same time. A month or so later,our cat stood on the window
 ledge which was ‘her’ place for her to let us know :”I want to go in”,
WEATHER:Snowing 2-3 days ,day and night:blowing snow. We could not see 3 feet
 ahead of us.We had not received the Le Soleil newspaper 3 days in a row:over 2-3 feet
 of snow.The truck that carry the nespapers for Restaurants could not make it from
 Quebec(=60 miles).The cat had to walk 10-12 miles in the loose snow and crossed a long
 bridge.A long road of 7-8 miles without houses and without lights,with lots of snow on
 our window ledge at nine (9) o’clock in the evening there was our cat. our little cat 
seated,looking at us through the window,its usual place to let us know ‘I want to go in’.
The cat was very skinny:meaning the cat  left the physician’s wife soon  after its arrival
 at the cottage-house. So,it took a month for the cat to reach,to return home.And this
 without eating.My wife gave just a bit of meat and warm milk.The cat went and slept
 on a ‘chesterfield-chair’2 nights and one day.Yeah,no washroom business.And the cat
 rested its head in its legs 2 nights and one day.
The physician’s wife asked my wife “How is your cat?”.
Yeah,as usual  we usually betray ‘ourself’.
Question:How could our cat know her way home?.

Did you hear about 2005-06,a cat from Boston,given to someone in Arizona-
Nevada,someone down there?(about 3,000 miles).A year later,yes the cat was a homey 
animal:Back home in Boston,Massachusetts,its home sweet home,no big deal.
There is a TV Series called,’Route 66’,a real road:from Los Angeles to Chicago:Did the cat 
choose this Federal Route?;At Chicago,just to shift to ’ Route 10’ which goes straight to
 Boston,Massachusetts.Remember this, friends,an animal happy at one place never looks
Mr. Robert Dick, organist of St.Georges,West,Beauce,Que.
He was at St.Anne de Beaupre,organist there.Always windy.Seated in the sun,away
from  the wind.Reading a magazine.Like Mr.Bob Brown,you will read at the end of 

 St.Georges’History,never interrested about Ads:He told me and my dad,”I was 
happy with 
what  I had .” The wind turned the pages one after another the wind subsided.I 
saw an
Ad,I read it for fun and my head said,’It is time to go where the wind is not so 
I heard often times the weather is like Montreal, not like Quebec..It costs 
nothing to write
I just have not to respond if I change my mind,but as you see I replied. I 
already heard on CHRC saying: Quebec 59*F, Montreal and St. Georges de Beauce 
71*F. Because we are in the Valley. Today, Environment Canada recognized that 
fact; hence, St. Georges has its own forecast. HURRAY.
You are not in School here,right;so,why for you to be precised?
How about this one?                         Please read all my poetries:you will learn.
30*f=0*c                                              In time,you could become as good as         
40*f=5*c                                              the famous Shakespeare.This is a today’s     
50*f=10*c                                            poetry.Command!,you can do better.
60*f=15*c            Title:2011           March         
70*f=20*c                                         To
80*f=25*c                                         Big       
85*f=30*c                                         Band
100*f=40*c                                       American  


After a permit was refused in 1929,in 1934 Mr.Hermandi AKA Armand Veilleux and Mr.
Gaston Gagnon decided it was time for St.George to have its own radio broadcasting.
It closed down a year later,how?that is another question.
It appeared to operate like a normal radio station,if we except the smelling of ‘L’Pere
Gedeon’.[That was I heard:I was  two(2) years old.] Mr.Veilleux had his theatre in 1929.
In 1945,I requested for one.Refused.
In 1947,One Couture,a former soldier,was operating one with a 10 watt power for a
year and a half.He had quite a few listeners.The restaurant inside the St.George Woolen
 Mills was tuned to it.
In 1949-51,I had a radio transmitter until Ottawa watchdog  got wind of it in 1951.
I called it,’Kennebec Broadcasting System’.
In 1952,a legal,at last,a legal radio broadcasting took place in St.George,Beauce with 
Mr.Yvon Thibaudeau, Mr….Roberge,and a lawyer(name?);eventually,Yvon got it all.
My radio?:I sold it to Mr.Rene Moisan CM for a dollar.He could talk to Australia as an 
 amateur radio:like those above in 1929.
FROM A SOLDIER related to me….in the Canadian Zone in Germany:I took part in the
 Occupation of Germany.This is what  happened in my time.It was a cinch for Canadians to 
cross into the U.S.Zone. We always spent our furlough there.And that Canadian girl I will 
be talking about was just doing the same thing. One day,in 1958-59 an American soldier
 arrived from the U.S.,Elvis Presley(Me:Interrupting him:The King of Rock & Roll ).Yeah,he 
began to go out with a girl,like others,you know;but her,not everyone could. But because
 of his popularity,I guessed, he was allowed.Her father had a title like General. When we
 made the Occupation we were allowed to bring our family.That little girl without knowing
 was attracting soldiers but was not allowed to go out with a steady boyfriend;but as I told
 you Elvis was allowed.At the end of his 2 years’ Service  here hereturned home in the U.S.
  A bit later__I forgot how long__he came back.Some were saying,”Elvis’ back”. Well,he
 fetched his gal and married her.She is a French Canadian girl Princilla Beaulieu from 
Matane,Quebec Province.There was a song that came out around that time ‘about a girl he
 left behind.’Me:’Fraulein’.He:In German it means ‘girlfriend’.Me:This song tells about ‘The
 girl he left behind’.
In Davenport,Iowa,one day I went to see a friend.Her mom opened the door,I said,Hail,
you have got radio.  I am in the kitchen,I shut the door trying to hear mine.  At the
 15-year old girl’s bedroom,two(2)radios,side by side,tuned to two(2)different radio
 stations playing  at full blast,American Rock + Roll Music.He:She suited herself.Me:I
 saw in her the making of a star.He:That’ll be the day(both smiling).   
This story originated in French:
 Mr.Maurice Lessard,Garage National,St.Georges:Mr.Lessard left school in Grade five(5)
at Brothers of Charity,St.George West.Because his parent were starving to death.(His own 
words).He did odd jobs…..One day,he established a garage which became the largest
one in the region.Next and North of St.George theatre of Mr.Armand Veilleux.
My father at one time was his manager.Mr.Lessard had a gift.Which read:
(At the beginning__at that time__ this policy worked;but later it would have not 
worked so well because mentality changes}
Each time a saleman is selling a car,Mr.Lessard and my dad had to be there.
Dad was writing on a paper and Mr.Lessard,just listening,at the end the sale and 
conditions accepted ,Mr.Lessard said,”$1736.65”.The buyer said to dad “He is a good
joker.”Both went to the office ,calculated on a calculating__adding__ machine and
the answer was $1736.65.
Dad said,he tested him many times and each time on the dot.Including Compound 
Interest=The interest paid on both the original sum of money borrowed and on all the
unpaid interest added to it.
Note:My mother’s cousin,a teacher-instructor in Montreal Mr.Raoul Monette saw,he
told us,a man,they were seven(7)people watching:The problem was to multiply 
three(3) numerals by three(3) another numerals picked at random by the audience
(at his turn he gave his numbers):the answer was right away.You did not have to wait a 
second.He told us,he was allowed to give his numbers.

Another story in French I witnessed in St.Georges:
Of someone capable of taking responsibility.Mr….Veilleux,St.Georges.  One day,odd 
jobs.And one day,enough to buy a car and sold it.He went to Windsor,Ontario and buy 
a car.Returned to St.Georges and sold it.He went back to Windsor ,buy another car.
Returned to St.Georges and sold it.This time he hired someone with him,so buying
 two(2) cars this time.He repeated and repeated until he could store 3-5 cars;and one
day,Chrysler Corporation licensed him as a Chrysler Vendor for St.George. Yes,he 
had a strong will. 
                                                  English Street Language    

GET= ===To get this english language get this story through your eyes.This 
story   will get you through any misunderstanding by getting you nearer
to your new friends by getting you naturally with a language necessary to get
along with.Each word you will get in your mind will get you through difficulties
that got people.Example:SHE:When you get a hair cut,I will get your meal.
HE:After that you will get your present.
 SETTLE=In order for this english language to settle in your head permanently
and before the dust settles on the table I will settle you in our new home with
your cat settling on its new armchair.Settling in British Columbia,the best 
option ;for,Vancouver with its three(3) seasons:Spring,Autumn,Spring,
Summer :the best place,and renowned year after year.SHE:Vacation in White
Rock,suburb of Vacouver,will certainly settle our nerves.HE:Hence,the woman 
touch.When settled with a woman touch and before our house settles a few 
inches I will settle my bills;I will settle my property on my wife and our 
SET====I will set your jaw and after we will set the term of our agreement.Set 
not your form  of expression on those dogooders,for this will set a new hedge;
as,to set this example:Set a diamond in gold or a ring set in gold.The current of 
the Frazer River ,at the end,sets to the West.After you set your hair we will
  set to work near its water.Here the sun sets in the ocean.SHE:Upon the 
ocean.HE:In the West,anyhow.SHE:Anyway.
FIX====I fix not the blame on you for the dispute,we will fix the time for our
discussion such as,how to fix our cash.SHE:But my heart fixes on my belief,
and yours,on your belief.HE:So,we will fix our resolutions together.For now 
fix your eyes on this photograph and it will probably fix its chemistry.SHE:I
will fix a post in the earth for our mailbox;thus,one day,someone will fix our 
family drama somehow.HE:For your new slack suit fixes your beauty.  
     His story was in French:
Mr….Fortin,ten(10) years old.At 10 years old he began to be a paperboy for dad,then for
 Mom and for my wife;but mom continued to handle everything as if it were still hers.It was
the French newspaper Le Soleil,Limitee of Quebec City. Except when sick,he never missed 
a day in school (I was there when he told his story to mom).He took as many routes he
could handle.We never received a complain from ‘his’ customers.At other times,after his
paper routes,doing odd jobs.One day, when he told us his story,he said,”Madam xxx,I bought 
a big truck with your money and all jobs I have been doing for the last seven(7) years.
The most expensive truck. Each time there is an assignment written in the newspaper I go and
passed the line (-up) and go straight to the office and each time I get the job.Why,Madam xxx
? ,I do not wait in line like the others?,waiting for my turn,it is because they call my truck ‘The
Cadillac of trucks’.” 
On day, the owner of the largest hall for celebrations,Mr.Florian Pomerleau:Benedict Arnold
Motel,Inn kappened to be near me(We were very good friends)-(folding his arms) murmured
to me,”They are the most enjoyable people to be with.”.Me:You are right.He:They arrive(d)
at different hours and celebrate till the wee hours,no big deal,and friendly even though we 
have never seen them before.Me:And you will never see them twice.He:’nodding’ like a branch 
of a tree.
The most fascinating thing I saw in my  photographic career was to observe people,using 
simplicity for their enjoyment.Those people when I arrive  with my camera in a small town,
 a small hall or even their own house the orchestra is composed of Mom at the piano,Dad with
 his fiddle or guitar and their own 8-9 year-old daughter,doing the singing.
Whether it is wedding,anniversary,golden whatever,they will be 200-400, and they 
will help one another.

St.George Theatre: Mr.Armand Veilleux just arrived from Florida.I was in the lobby,looking
out. Mr.Armand stepped in.I said ‘Hail,hope your trip was restful.’ He:You do not know what
 kappened to me? Me:What?.He:I stopped at New York (City)to see my sis and Edouard__she
was pregnant  of Petrina__(Note,always been called later ‘Tina’:I went there 3 times)and I
 left.At the airport,I bought a ticket and went to the gate(Dad arrived from the inside of the
 theatre),as I am telling(:my name)what happened to me(=as above)at the gate.I put my hand 
in my inside pocket and I could not find my ticket.People waiting.The girl(gate) said,”Mr
.,People,the plane is about to take off.” I left my place to the one behind me. Then I found my
 ticket.I returned,”I got it.” Girl: Sorry,Sir.It was the last seat.Next flight,tomorrow at 7.35 A.M.
,sorry again”He:It is ok,it is life.(Both,smiling). ½ hour later,the plane I missed,the one I was
 supposed  to be on crashed somewhere in Virginia.And my ticket I could not find was right in 
 my side pocket all the time.Dad:”We are happy to have you back.”He:It is funny how 
coincidences work.Me:Like the funny bone.( I was about 17).
After a year of practice I discontinued ‘House Calls’. But,for Mrs.Adrienne,wife of Mr.Armand,
((I was 7-8 years younger than she)),I told her,”For you I will always come,just send 
Lorenzo.”.(Mr.Lorenzo,her brother,the projector at the theatre with a named Mr.Poulin__I
 forgot his first name__his son became Manager at the new theatre ‘Vimy’ owned by Mr.
Choquette of Montreal.).I was always saying to her:We had a wonderful time at the theatre.
She responded,Yes,the good old days.
MON-TUE:English, Cowboy;WED-THU:English,Social,Romance,Politic,war,etc.;FRI-SAT:French
Version of American Movies:Varied Assortment;SUN:’France-Films’,Repetitious French Movies
during World War-2.In 1946-49Double Features,every evening & Sundays in Matinee.Royal
at St.Georges West opened in 1946,with the same schedule for Movies. The Vimy opened 
later,Year??In 1946-7.             The St.Georges theatre
 was sold to 2 brothers named Mr.Thibaudeau(Not Yvon of CKRB,later).On this day,Mr.
Veilleux and Mr.Choquette together now owned Vimy & Royal.Later Mr.Veilleux sold his 
share of $50,000;Mrs.Veileux sold her share of the Royal,later=the same amount.Why,she 
had her share? According to the law of Quebec they were saving money.That is what Mr.
Veilleux told my dad. Business,folks.
DRIVE-IN:CINE-PARC Theatre,St.Georges,East:Mr.Armand Veilleux bought the land from
Mr….Paquet,related to my wife,mother’s side.Mr.Veilleux constructed ….and named it 
‘CINE-PARC’,in French,according to the new law of Quebec.
This theatre became the first in the Province of Quebec,((Which,please see in J.A. Gagnon’s
History,main part.)).He sold it to some One from St.Benoit, unknown to me for $50,000 ,
Today in 2011,with the ‘digital disk’ it uncomplicated the complicate!,Bye,Bye,Mr.Operator.     
     Note,in 2011,50 thousand = $250,000  .
Scot Law.  Mom seated on the front porch on her rocking chair,with dad on a rocking chair
for a few minutes before leaving for the theatre.
Mom:What does he do that taxi?He is passing every 5 minute and nobody is inside?
Dad:He does not want any.
Mom:How come?Where, he gets his money?
Dad:He carried beer.
Around 1939,if I remember well,we were subject to the prohibition__Law Scot__.I learned
later,they were producing beer  in the forest of Maine.There were a road at St.Aurelie,
Dorchester at the time,leading into the forest.((A patient,around 1970s told me,”An 
American Custom Officer stopped my truck this morning”Me:It happened sometimes.He:They
stop us,once in a while,at random,the one this morning ‘excused himself’.Me:What?”.HE:He 
told me,’We have to check once in a while,you understand?’He:I understand.(Now,continuing 
with me:)That road,only truckers used it.Me:How about  Canada’s side?He:They check day
 and night.    

Those taking the cattle to the slaughterhouse (abattoir)on my street,an animal embarked
in our side entrance to go to the back of our house,the cowboy lassoed the animal.Checked,
his horse backed up  and brought the animal in line,to the fold  and the cowboy removed 
the lasso . I had to be  7-8 years old for I got the job at the theatre to play records 
about a year before. Since that day,I was watching Cowboy movies every Monday,watching
 lassoing. And with my friends we began lassoing one another.
Hey,in those days,we did not have computers but we had fun of our own.
Today,cattles are carried by trucks.    
                              The Most Remarkable Things,as a Georger,I Saw
1.With its Suburbs,Chicago,10,000,000 inhabitants,has the smallest Shopping-Business
    Downtown in the world,and this within a loop of live Elevated railroad tracks..
2.With its Suburbs,New York City,20,000,000 inhabitants,the 102- story of the Empire State
 Building plus its    Statue of  Liberty.
3.People of White Rock + Surrey,suburbs of Vancouver,B.C.,without passing through the 
    Custom Office,at the Border,both ways,we may cross the Zero(0) Avenue and 
    picknicking in the U.S.Park.    
4.Washington,D.C.,at top of the Congress (=Parliament),the Statue of Freedom.
Toronto,Ontario;Dufferin Park on Dufferin Street.Summer Days 1953.
The story is from a Soldier of New Brunswick who was a member of the Le Regiment de 
la Chaudiere I chanced while waiting for my 15-year old girlfriend on a long bench.
(As written elsewhere the Le Regiment de la Chaudiere was composed of New Brunswickers,
Ontarians beside of Quebec’s).Here,everything on the moment looked fishy.It cost nothing 
to listen….On the whole;well,who can judge another?,yes,how could a person like you,
Readers,cannot decide how credible the story of his is?:In Dufferin Park,an old man sat.
He looked friendly.A man to trifle away with.Here we go!;First I did not care what he was 
babbling.So I missed  some words at the beginning: The 2nd Division….in 1940s….machine 
guns….from 3 to 1.The Camerons+  and the Chauds++….were reassigned to the 3rd 
Canadians Infantry….and the Winnipeg Granadiers were sent to Jamaica….Churchill….
returned home in New Brunswick….Chaudiere+++….North Shore,Royal and redeployed to
Hong Kong.
(((+:Camerons:As I understood later=a Division,Batallion,something like that.
++:Chauds:I learned later the American Soldiers in England(U.K.)in World War-2 called
Le Regiment de la Chaudiere ‘The Chauds’.
+++Hearing ‘Chaudiere’ rang a bell;so,I paid more
attention to )))Where they were captured by the Japanese.Me:Wait a minute.Why do you
say ‘they’?,were you not one of them?He:Yes,let me go on:On our way((A noisy motocycle
and a pursuing prowl car,siren on))(The old man continuingJ:to myselI made up my mind.Wait a
 minute.I thought Hong Kong was a country,a colony,but it is but a town.We will be slaughtered
 in a Jiffy.Me: And it happened just like you said .”A war that should have never been fought’++++.
He:You have only to surround the town,and cut everything off and they starve to death.
There ought to be 2-3 to make those decisions,probably one of them would have been 
Intelligent enough to know Hong Kong ain’t a country.Me:reenforcements impossible.He:
Churchill did not know either. As soon as I arrived there I will try to find civilian clothes.I found
some,I wore them under my uniform.Well the day I arrived it sleeted,then it snowed followed
 by rain,warm rain.Me:Depending of the wind.He:Right.Because it is a town,in our situation,we
 slept as we were;this gave me a chance.Me:’Looking at him’.He:Toilet,(smiling)I made it.
Being civilian helped me.I am sure they had no heart to fight.It did not last long the way they 
said it did.Use your head.I was there.learned there was a Portuguese town 25 miles from
 Hong Kong.I was hungry.Speaking Portuguese opened me the door.Someone 
told me ‘Macau’.What do you mean.I could not understand them,chinese.They understood 
the word ‘portuguese’ for they drew me a map.I arranged my things to go there.Me:The 
others were prisoners. I suppose. He:I was not hearing anything. As I told you ‘swallowed
 them up’.Hong Kong was occupied. At the Border I spoke only Portuguese and pointing.
At my surprise, they let me pass. And voila in Macau,a town I did not know a few days 
before.Me:Macau was surrounded, I guess.He:But not invaded.Me:How did you handle your
 desertion?He:They never found out.I waited a couple of years 
years.Me: And onyour own.He:When I think the hard times they
had,I encouraged myself.(My Marlene showed up and I put my 
finger on my lips:hush-hush)I got a ‘contact’.I told him I was a
tourist.They let me stay with them.He said ‘different dialect’.
They are influenced by chinese.Me:Cantonese.He:By chance 
he  had a transmitter.I contacted the Americans.Me:
An amateur.He:Yes.I told them of the situation in Macau and
Hong Kong.It appears in and out of Macau for civilians
without a pass….. Me:Sorry,we have to go,it was very interresting.
++++:I heard that sentence 3 times,but never knew what they
 were talking about .     
                                                     Your eyes tell Distance,    
                                                     Your ears tell Direction;
                                                     Mouth, your strenght,
                                                     Nose,your guider.

Mr…..Lacroix,son of Mr.Edouard ,who is an acquaintance of mine and Mme.Belle –
Isle,an acquaintance of mom left town. When both disembarked in Hawaii from the
 plane,at the door they  elbowed each other and as they said,’sorry’ they looked at 
 each other and recognized each other. Both traveling and not knowing they were in
 the same plane.We call that coincidence,folks.  
See CM
This part-subject is only for those who are interrested in Radio-TV.After this part 3 more similar
stories will follow  for the whole family:                         
As you read elsewhere in these stories,a tall antenna of 300 feet had been once set up on 
the roof of my building(=J.A.’s) for an experiment.High mountains being the cause of our
 problem of having TV stations reaching us at the bottom of our Beauce Valley and since  a 300 
foot antenna could picked nothing but shadows,a higher ground was needed and St.Nicholas
 District,East of St.Georges was the solution. While raising a prewired TV antenna the one
 watching on the TV set said,(in Fr.)”Hey,zay limaze”.The one raising the antenna said,”Sa paw
 d’sanse”.”R’gard”.Wondering  what happened he kept his ascent.”Limaze pawrtee”.He kept
 going up.At 25-30 feet,still no picture.On his way down the picture reappeared.It was here we
 found out the TV station reached our antenna only at a specific spot,And it cannot be 7 or 9 feet
 above the ground nor East or West of that spot neither:It had to be exactly 8ft.Note,coincidentally,
they __happened__ to be at the right specific place.‘Wonder’ the only word that came to our head.
I got the answer seven(7)years later at seven hundred and fifty (750) air-miles from St.Georges:at
 Chicago College.I rented a room.
I tried my radio .A few days later.another wonder happened.But first let me point this 
out:I know Clear Channel,Power,Beaming,etc Ex,:WBZ Boston,Massachusetts 1030kc
,first station in the wotrld (1906,December),with my long antenna WBZ had reached me
at St.Georges night & day,yearround;but reached Chicago,Illinois,only from 2 P.M.
to 10 A.M. in Winter and 6.30 P.M. to 8 A.M. in Summer.I know on a certain 
frequency it has to be a certain station wherever I go whether it is NewYork City,
Montreal,Washington,D.C. or Seattle,Washington State:Because Radio and Tv,my 
hobby,OK. Thus,one day  in Chicago I passed on 1280kc.There was a very weak station,
a weaker one,attempting the imposible.The weak station was from Iowa,170 miles 
west,and I was sure it was a Regional station;so,it could not bother the one I was
 listening in Chicago.The wonder of St.Georges with WMTW-8, Mt.Washington,New
 Hampshire=Poland Spring.Maine,happened here at 6 P.M. sharp.At 6,my weak station
 disappeared to make way to this new station that talked French with Advertisements
 from Berri Street,Montreal ,so I kew it had to be CJMS.In the Northeast of America,at the
time there were only 3 stations on 1280kc,namely,WLOB New York City and CKCV Quebec
City.CJMS is a Regional station.I know its beaming is not South in Winter at night.
It cannot reach Chicago at any time,even exceptionally.What is the answer?
How come CJMS with a strong signal,not waving at all,so ,not skip=no sky waves.
The answer:Repeater or responder,something like it.
((1))According to the map in my head it makes sense;but to make sure I went to the road map,
I was right. Cornwall,Ontario is between Montreal and Chicago.Cornwall has a good size of french
language people;so,CJMS covers Corwall in daytime,not in nightime.To cover it in nightime
a repeater is needed.The signal of a repeater is like a flashlight as a laser:a slendering signal=
a very narrow beam of radio signal.The antenna that picks up the signal from the repeater is
picked up by its antenna’s sharp end=the point of a needle.Thus,the core of the repeater=
transmitter is picked up by the core of a repeater=receiver.
((2))BUT,the side light=side[myself I call ‘brightness’] flies by the side of the  repeater=receiving
antenna.The flying side signal continues in straight line and  hits a certain,my radio receiver
in Chicago,on the second floor,at a certin place on my table happened to be in the way,or road
 of that very narrow beam signal.Thus,that is what happened with our WMTW-8 Mt.Washington-
Poland Spring,Maine. Note:Coincidently,the WMTW is picked up in St.George at exactly eight(8)
feet above the terrain.Not because it is  on channel 8.
A repeater was needed for WMTW to cover Jackman Region because the Channel ‘8’  is covering
an area which belongs to Canada:Today  1978 Trois Rivieres has that channel.
Note:This side of the core signal appears to be a strong signal;but in fact it is not.Ex.:I was often
on 850kc WHDH,because my long (950ft) antenna :that station was playing nothing but the 10
 most popular songs of the day.When CKVL Verdun=Montreal embarked on that frequency I lost
 completely WHDH Boston,Massachusetts.Not even hearing it
 wavering underneath.Why,completely?.Answer:Because I am in a valley I could not picked up
 WHDH’s direct wave(s) except the side of it = brightness.;in other words,I was picking only the
 bottom brightness of WHDH wave.The samething happened with a flashlight.The side of a 
strong light is neutralized completely by a very small light coming from a very small flashlight or
 small lightbulb.I hope you enjoy this point.I did.    (The next story deals with WMTW>which see)
I was always watching WMTW at 6.10 P.M. for the weather.I am an amateur of barometers.
While  in St.Georges the needle-hand varies from 28.30 to 31.30,Mt.Washington,N.H. it is 26.21 
to around 30.+.Why not so high?:because Mt.Washington is one(1) mile in the air.[Vancouver,B.C.
six(6)feet above sea level  is 90.20 to 30.50].

The meteorologist disappeared,2 years gone.
I was seated with some friends at one thousand two hundred(1,200)miles away
In a restaurant in Davenport,Iowa State,and a Tv set behind me was on.I said to my friends,I
 know that guy who is speaking.One took over right away and said,”Yeah,it is Bob Brown,he is 
here every night telling the weather.”. Me:yes but me.I know him from back home in my 
hometown in Quebec,55 miles from Jackman,Maine.One said,”He comes from your 
hometown?”.No,he was on WMTW a Tv station for Portland, Maine we can receive in my 
One day,I was going out of the College.I crossed the street,on the sidewalk at the front of me
Mr.Bob Brown I used to watch on WMTW. Holding my college books  I said,”Pardon Mr.Brown,
may I talk to you?”.Brown,”Sure.(with a great smile)”.Me:I know you.. Brown:”I know ,I have
 quite a few admirers.”. Me:’But I knew you from WMTW Mt.Washingtom-Poland Spring,
Maine.”.Brown,”Well,what a surprise.You are from Maine?”.Me:No,from St,George,Quebec 
Province,55 miles from Jackman.Bob,”I know where Jackman is.”.Me:I was watching you
 every evening at 6.10 for the weather.I am an amateur of barometers.Brown,”I never 
thought to leave Poland Spring.I was well there.One day,I was reading a magazine,the  
Broadcasting.”Me,I interruped him:That tells everything about radio & Tv.Brown,”Yes.I 
was reading it and I put it on my lap.It was a warm day,seated in the sun.I took a nap.The
 wind woke me up,I guess.The pages were flipping,suddenly the wind was gone.I never looked
at ads.i was satisfied with my job.My eyes happened to fall upon a small ad surrounded by a
very dark line,so I looked just for fun.I read it.That was the only one of that kind.I decided to write 
well  for fun again to see what will happen.If I change my mind I had just not to respond,right.
As I told you ,I was well over there.Two weeks later,I was no longer thinking about that ad.A
 letter from WOC Davenport,Iowa.I opened it,in short,…’we are 
waiting for you….’.I talked to my wife,you see I am here.”Me:You are here by coincidence.
Brown, Here it will be for our children ,their hometown.It is true,nobody will change my mind this
 time.”Me:There are 4 towns together here that equals 240,000,Brown,”Yes.I did not know that was
 that size.I did not know there were 4 towns.The Mississipi separates them.”Me:I had to go to
 this College to meet you in person.Like you said.”I am one of your admirers.Both ,’smiling’.
Me:You have special Call Letters.Brown,”Yes,I noticed that I do not know the reason.I have
never dare to ask why because they will say he knows nothing.”Me:I will tell you why.
The FCC(federal Communication Commission)classified the disorder, they put ‘K’,West of 
the Mississipi and ‘W’,East of Mississipi.Brown,”How come my station is WOC instead of 
a’ K’”?Me:Very old radio stations were allowed to keep their old letters.WOW Omaha,
Nebaska,3 in Texas.Brown,”I know KDKA Pittsburgh”.Me:You learned this one in school,right.
Brown,”Right.Me:I had my High School in Chicago.Brown,”Do you know the owner of my TV
 station is also the owner of your College you go to?”Me: Hey!,businesswise we are both
 related.Both,’smiling’.Do you know  the first TV station in the world?Brown,”New York.”Me:
WRGB Schenectady,New York channel- 6.Browm”Genaral Electric there.”Me:1928,1929 in
 color.Brown,”And the first in Canada?’.Me:CKAC- TV in Montreal.It was funny this one I was in
 Montreal with my dad.We saw  a ‘moving picture’ in a window of a restaurant we
 stopped,peoplewatching:Later I learned this:It was what we call Television today.I was 6-8 years-
old;they had only one(1) TV set and it was in that window for people to watch.Brown,”They must 
have had one where they filmed.” Me:No.They were sending someone  from the projector room
 to downstairs to see whether the picture was still on.There was no money at that time.Legally,it 
was CBC Montreal &Toronto  in 1953.Do you know with 1500 watts for each of Network TV 
station ABC,CBS,NBC in New York City cover 15,000,000 without antenna,
with antenna, 30,000,000 people?.Brown,”On Empire State Building.It has been good to talk
 to you,but I was on my way to the station,now I am getting late.I have to assemble things
 for my program,if you want I invite you to come to my house,you will see my 2 daughters of 
3 and 4 yeas old.”Me: I understand,you are a nice,good person,thank you.We shooked hands
 and parted and saying,”Have a good life.”.
He told me this:In 1934,Mt.Washington,N.H.,got the World’s wind-Speed record of two
hundred and thirty one(231) miles per hour. Its altitude is almost six thousand (6,000)feet.
There is a concrete observatoty.the concrete made  with bars of metal in it.
On my TV set I was watching TV with my mother.It was about 6 P.M.suddenly,channel- 4,CFCM
Quebec City (Distance=60 miles)disappeared to make room for KRCA(Later KNBC)(Distance=3,000
 miles)channel -4,Los Angeles=Hollywood,California,U.S.A.Yes folks and it lasted an hour,Mom and I
 were watching ,with our own antenna on our roof,a  program straight from Los
CFCM was waving very,very weak,like a shadow, underneath.I had a 300 foot antenna at that
 time. Today,they limit the coverage of TV stations to give small towns a chance to have 
channels of their own. That did not prevent mom and me from receiving a TV progran straight
 from the horse’s mouth.
                                                     TOO NEAR AN ANTENNA
                                            You know a shadow is everywhere,
                                             Radio-TV has a shadow as well;
                                             It is called Harmonic.
                                             Ex,:1600kc repeats itself at 688kc.
                                                                     Bird’s Eye
                                    When we have our own TV antenna psychology is working.
                                    When birds rest on one of the elements (bars),
                                    You see a small spot on your TV screen.
                                    Y-e-e-ep,the  li’l  bird is watching you all.

We all have our hobby,right?.In my youth,it was the beginning of the radio(I did not know that:
too young)I experienced many things I set up an antenna equaling over a thousand and three
 hundred(1,300)feet and fifty(50) feet in the air.The antenna was in nine(9) sections.The farthest 
radio in daytime was WLW Cincinnati,Ohio.In night time LLA Buenos Aires,Argentina 696kc.
Yes between CBF Montreal  690kc & Cincinnati 700kc.It was A.M.,not shortwave.
Your hobby?.Today,you dig computers,right!.

In Vancouver ,B.C.,as a hobby I was delivering the Payable Sun & Province newspapers: 200,6 days
 a week and the free Neighborhood newspapers :8oo,once a week.7 years,with my 2 sons.
One day,while delivering newspapers,a Landlady stopped me and let me know where to insert….
a slot in the door.She had a dog that you have to be very brave to face:barking.While she was 
talking to me I stroked theskeptical,fearing dog gently,lightly its neck,2-3 strokes.I did not see the
 dog after.
I was not the one delivering on that street,my sons were.One day for whatever reason that I
 do not remember I had to go there.
I was walking the other side of the street where the said-dog lived.As I arrived to the front of the
 Dog’s house__I am on the other side__On its side the dog appeared on its sidewalk.Ran across 
the street fast toward me.But the dog was looking sideway,not looking at me al all( =telling me I 
do not intend to jump on you:See!,a dog behaves when it is in its interest as you will see,keep on
 reading)(Note:I have never backed up on dogs,at my age it was rather too late to be afraid)I
 stopped,getting ready to defend myself,the dog neared me,suddenly stopped at 3 feet from me 
and stood still and stared at me continuously  without moving,Then I remembered I gave the
 dog 3-4 strokes a__ year before__;so,I approached the  waiting dog and I gave 3-4 strokes.At the
 end of my 4thstroke  the dog left instantly.
Question”Did the dog recall me or remember me?He remembered me.For ‘he’ felt comfortably 
the first time I stroked him the__ year before__ and now please,give me more of it:give me more of that
feeling I have never experienced in my life.
Please give a stroke or 2 to your animal and it will like you if it is not love,even a horse!,
You will be surprised how it will react.See here with me,it happened.

Have you ever seen a horse thinking? I stood often in the front at J.A.’s,watching people passing
by.I was around 20s.In those years there were more horses on the street than cars.A light
carriage drawn by a horse and having a seat for a couple stopped at the front  of Mr.Delias 
Methot,Saddler-Maker.A weirdo arrived and stood about 25-30 feet almost at the front of the
 horse.The horse stared at him up and down 3 times;then looked around__as someone does
to see if you do the same__and looked back at him.
Yes,when an animal see something out of ordinary the animal takes notice of it.
My 2 sons’ favorite TV program was ‘Mr.Dress Up’ of CBC(Canadian Broadcasting Network)
Mr.Dress Up:his name Mr.(1st Name???) Coombs came from the State of Maine;being in Toronto
for a few years,he got an idea….and CBC was very much pleased with his idea.I think it became
lhe longest running show on TV in Canada and still going strong:’Mr.Dress Up’.
After he retired,he was called in Saskatchewan.A meeting-like.
A 35-year old man with 2 kids,holding his younger one by his hand met Mr.Dress Up .As
 both hands were about to meet(shake) the man said,”Mr.Coombs,(hands met)we grew up with
 you in our living room .”Mr.Dress Up’s tears welled up and ran down his cheeks.Still holding
 hands ,after 2-3 seonds, Mr.Dress Up said,”I have never thought of that.”.

                                                   UNBALANCED   POETRY

The light of the sun is white because it is overexposed(like a camera )for our eyes,
When  you see its  reflection,the side of it has streams of uncounted rainbows because 
        it becomes  to a normal exposure for our eyes. ((You see that on automobiles;look at

One day,a song came out,a failure.One word was changed in the title:Devil into Lover;
       it became instantly # 1.

One day,on the side of the Chaudiere  River,at Mr.Methot, my eyes roaming over the water
       and raising  my eyes I saw a bird at about 2-3,000 feet that suddenly dropped like a rock
       straight down to stop as near as possible to the water without touching it,with its beak
       touching lightly the water and flying right away with a fish in its mouth:the duration of the 
       pause lasted but a fraction of a second.Why did he do that? It picked a fish he saw 2-3,000 
      feet in the air.  When a hurricane is a long way off,you see birds flying at 2-300 feet…means 
      Fair Weather for a few more days.  

 Antoni,the greatest Magician in Canada,I remember  now,he came a 3rd time ,at St.Georges
Theatre.I learned all his magic tricks,including other magicians’.From the operator room.They
 were practising.My dad told me,”Whatever it is you never tell what it is going on in the
 theatre.”  And I still intend not telling you.Mr.Blackstone of Chicago,because he could do all
 other magicians’s tricks is still the greatest in the world and Mr.Antoni,in Canada. Antoni’s?:
Surveying the audience:”Which one captivated(etc.) you most?”.I have one for you here;but
 you find the answer;for me,I am bound by my
1.A person(man) puts one’s custume on,Blue.
2.A person(girl) puts  one’s costume on,Red. 
3.Antoni puts his costume on,Yellow.
With a pistol one fired a shot:bang and smoke covered the stage for two-three(2-3 )seconds only.Repeated again.
2, removes  one’s costume who was a girl(red) is now a man.
3.removes his costume:who was Antoni(yellow)i  is now a girl.
1,  removes his costume who was a man(blue)voila Antoni.
Note:Nothing obscure here,just tricking your eyes.
           This one made him the greatest in Canada.

One evening,a French male singer from France arrived at the theatre.Mr.armand took 
care of him.In Victoriaville,the Manager got sick;so,dad was there replacing him.I
 played records before the show begins ….at 8.30;then I went downstairs.Mr.Armand
 and I were in the lobby. Armand said,”Trouble.I am not to face that.Take care of it.”,
and left. Leaving me all alone. A few minutes later,The singer came to me and said,”Je
ne suis pas pour chanter a une salle a moitie vide.”(=I do not want to sing in half- empty
house).I responded,”(fr.)We are 55 miles from Quebec City,here.Many from here went
to Quebec to hear you sing. We are a small town here.He did not buy that. Again I tried
this:That happened to other singers  too.Quebec City sucks our audience.He responded,
“Il y a beaucoup de logique dans ce que vous dites”.(=There is much  logic in what you 
Say.)But I had a convincing argument with colored slides.Lorenzo happened to be in the
Projector  room.I called him.I told Lorenzo,’at each song,put a different color slide,etc.’.
The singer went and sang.And me,like Armand ,I blew. It was my first experience in my 
life.I was seventeen(17)years old. At home,mom told me,”Your slides did not go with
the songs.”.I did not know what to say,so I did not respond.Wherever he is today,I am 
sure he still remembers  ‘La Beauce Quebecoise’.
                                         WHAT IS A HOME WITHOUT LOVE
                          Towns That Influenced St.George(s),Beauce,Quebec

St.Odilon de Cranbourne,St.Rose de Watford,St.Maxime de Scott,Lake Francis=Lac Francois,
Valley Junction,Lyster Station,St.Pierre de Broughton,St.Edouard de Frampton,St.Damien de
Buckland,St.Jacques de Leeds,St.Camille de Lellis,St.Ephrem de Tring,St.Evariste de Forsyth,
St.Hilaire de Dorset,St. Honore de Shenley,St.Leon de Standon,St.George de Beauce,Jersey
 Mills,Cumberland Mill,Gallway,Lac Frontiere,Daaquam,East Broughton,Lac Megantic,Lac
 Etchemin, Stornoway, St.Romain, St.Sebastien, Lambton, Lac Drolet, Nantes, Courcelles,
St.Methode, Robertsonville,St.Benoit Labre,La Guadeloupe, St.Victor,Inverness,Tring Junction,
St.Fabien de
 Panet,St.Just de Bretenieres,St.Sabine Station,St.Justine,St.Germaine Station,St.Louis de
among others.
Till around 1960,all towns above were listed in our bookkeeping.
Note,1:The Gazette of  Quebec Legislature wrote “= that St.George de 
Beauce is the most attractive __alluring__  town in the Province for its population and size.”
           2:Why businesswise?;the answer ought to be in the following statement.
              Because I am feeling lonely lately let me tell you a simple story I recall:
              (This true story was in French:)Many youngsters from Levis were coming to St.George
              on Fridays & Saturdays nites year after year.Mr.Murtha(Murtha Hotel),with a group
              of friends concurred to ask them ‘the reason why they drive 60 miles every week’s 
              end to come here while you have Quebec [city] across?,Do not forget you are very
              welcome here.We prove it often to you.’.2-3 responded right away saying:”I do not
              know.A big town is boring. We like it here.Everyone here looks happy.We have fun.
              (The preceding came from different boys responding together.The last statement
              came from a silent boy:
              ”You make us feel we are part of you, guys.We are like Americans here,friendly.”
               Mr.Murtha to say,”That wrapped up everything.”.Everyone smiled,and for the 
              remaining of the evening probably life was not all beer and skittles,but all those 
              within a radius of 30 miles got free beer. Murtha and the next door Hotel
               American Hotel at that time,at least,was the center of entertainment of that kind.
The National & Continental hotels were attracting ‘Social people’.Rehaume & Morency,I
do not really know,except I know it was a quiet place.                   
J.A.Gagnon’s customers were coming as far as Lyster,Lambton,Jackman,Maine,Lac 
Frontiere,Stornaway,Robertsonville, St.Henedine,St.Anselme,St.Agapit, every
 month if not every 2 weeks. Yes,that close to Thetford Mines,Lac Megantic and as you 
read above,Quebec City.Yes,St.Odilon,St.Henedine passed through St.Marie to go to
 St.Georges.St.Marie,St.Joseph,we have never had a customer,never,no
other stores neither.Why?.A few old people told us and me, ‘Jealousy’ and they passed
that to their children.It appears(according to my dad) it began after the tracks were
 extended to St.George East from St.Francois(=Beauceville).Later St.Francois(Beauceville)
 realized St.George ,having swallowed its potential (=Quebec Central),will progress while 
St.Francois( Beauceville),will arrest:and it has remained so.Now St.George got the key
 because the tracks veer like a triangle;thus,all those farmers living East,West and South
of the tip of the triangle will rush to St.George Station instead of St.Francois(=Beauceville).It
 appears I heard in my young days that Mr.:Dionne & Lacroix always worked together
 behind the scene. Yes,Beauceville had that illness as well!;for it was during World War-2
 Luizella told my mother,”I have got one from Beauceville,the first time.”It was a new 
Generation,I supposed;after this first,I was hearing ‘Beauceville’.When Mr.Ludger
 Dionne died,The Rector in his chair( I think it was Beaudoin)told his faithful this:”(in
 French)Now,Mr.Ludger Dionne is dead you wiil have to pay for the support of the church for
 Mr.Dionne was taking care of us during his life-time.So,the tithe will….”.Mr.Edouard 
Lacroix?:He donated the land (=the potential oil well in Gagnon’s History) to the Clergy.Plus,
he paid for its construction,he gave my dad $5,000.00 for an organ.Dad with his brother Paul.E.
 bought an Hammond Electric organ in Quebec City with the $5,000.00.The Clergy paid him
 back;but,Mr.Lacroix charged NO interest. See,no matter what you think,we never know what
 is going on next door.

With Coca-Cola & National  Breweries trucks I covered almost all those towns above 
with my dad. And it was that way the towns were written at the entrance of the said-towns.
Why,a french name followed ,by another language name?:
1.The original was the english ,irish name only.2.The Catholic diocese influenced….ended
up ….the name of the Catholic parish,why not….and finally both were coined.
2.I saw one day a very,very old map ‘Beauce was part of EasternTownships’.That was
before they split Megantic County in 2,and named it Frontenac County.Even Dorchester
was.That is why so many names not French.Those people who put down those not french 
names came from Maine mostly=like those of Jersey Mills. I remember when Daaquam 
opened,Dad said ,”We have to go there now,Daaquam just opened.”Valley Junction was 
named by the engi neer who drove the locomotive “So we will have to go there each time?
”He said,”yes,but it is not far away.”.”It is ok with me,I just say that.” (Ok?;longer in the truck.
I was young,you know.). 
When the Baseball team [AO]were composed of Americans with the exception of the son of
 Mr.Murtha,Sonny,the U.S. players originated the american fashion in St.George that was 
not to mothers’ liking,the Jeans!.No Jeans were in sale in St.George in those years.None in
 Quebec City girls were saying;so,they went to Jackman,Maine and most of the girls were
wearing Jeans on the street,and proudly….They asked the Players why are you wearing
that kind of pants,they are new for us?They answered,”Well,we can sit anywhere,no big deal,
dirty?just wash them yourself….”.And since those days,the girls had borne themselves with
 great dignity,even in schools until the Quebec Government put a stop to it somewhere in 
the late ‘60s.Knowing that fashion was a passing phase they endured__some suffered?__
and in the long run,mothers understood  through tolerance they learned to understand their
You know what?,and this ,only my opinion:I think the players’ introductory established a
fashion for girls traveling,let us say,to Quebec City,etc.;10-15 years later Roll & Roll made
the Jeans the official wear for boys and girls and adults followed….still here today in 2011. 
Note,As you have read J.A.’s or St.George(s)’ Story Beaucers beside their dialect have 
Introduced quite a few things throughout Quebec. 

How come an ‘s’ appears here and there?
Answer:In the english language it is grammatically correct to add an ’s’ to form 
the possessive form of nouns,such as George into George’s as St.George’s in 
Newfoundland-Labrador; Arnold’s Cove, Newfoundland-Labrador. Levi or Levy became 
Levi’s, the apostrophe was dropped and became Levis and later ‘e’ with an acute 
accent added. St.Catherine’s, Ontario, one day,they dropped the accent and today 
it is St.Catherines:without an apostrophe but retaining the ‘s’.
Yes, St.George de Beauce was an exception as you read in J.A.Gagnon’s History at 
P.S.-1. The  part of St.George at the beginning was either Abnaki(an)s-
Kennebeckers + One with a Drop of belief, George, Domain, Jersey Mills, 
St.George West, St.George East, Station[Sartigan], St.Georges Ouest, St.Georges 
Est, Ville St.Georges (Ouest) de Beauce, Ville
St.George, Ville St.Georges, (Ville) St.Georges, as it is today. 
Jersey Mills Settlement influenced St. George East; when Mr.Roy erected his 
bridge St.George West, little by little, influenced St.George East. Thanks to 
the Canadian Pacific Railway(CPR), under the name of Quebec Central,the railroad 
tracks were extended to a place named (Sartigan-)Station.
Nineteen hundred 0 eight (1908) was the year St.George’s gave a fresh name to 
Sartigan, namely, St.George Station:the innovator added oneself not only to turn 
up his place a Shopping Center,a Metropolis of Beauce County-Valley as well.
George:Lat. georgius;grk. georgios;N.kelt. georgos M.kelt. a,ellipsis: unreal, 
still holding in agriculture.;M.kelt.or=king;O.kelt.gos=gob:put 
it in without breaking it; as,seed.Thus,George a modern way to say 
agriculture;even though it still makes itself valid. 

Computer:Inventor:It depends how long you are willing to travel into history. 
The firsts(with an ‘s’) were to compute.The idea of the modern computer came 
from the United States Department of Defense.They were looking for,searching for 
something the enemy will be unable to interrupt,cut off,communications in wartime
(& otherwise, of course),The first idea was to find a way,to find out an 
automatic way to calculate mathematical works.
Computer,from lat.computare;com-up and putare-reckon.Then,French compute became 
computeur:the root of the english Computer.  A calculating instrument in  
the ‘50s,a digital
one in time;hence,its gradual change from counting to the informative computer of today.
Thus,the United States Department gave rise to an automatic way of information,the 
Well my friends the Readers, every story I wrote here pertains to St.Georges somehow.
And deals fairly with everyone in the history of J.A.Gagnon, Photographer and 
St.Georges, Beauce, Quebec, Canada.   
Bye,Bye. Auld Lang Syne.                       

St.Georges’ History will continue after these historical photographs.
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